SoundPackager 1.2 Released

SoundPackager is an application that lets users change the default Windows sound scheme to one of many available for download.  This is done by applying “packages” of sound files which allows you to easily change to custom sounds without having to change each individual sound file.  Changing to a new sound package just takes a couple of clicks, and restoring to the default Windows sounds is just a click away.

What's new in this update:

  • Added option to toggle default skin
  • Improved the left panel options for clarity
  • Added Windows Default Sound to Package list
  • Added option to back up existing sound scheme before application
  • Improved sound package restoration
SoundPackager is included with an Object Desktop Ultimate subscription, and also as a stand-alone application for $19.95.

Link: SoundPackager
Download: SoundPackager (free trial, full version $19.95)
Screenshot: Main User Interface

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Not sure exactly why the random fonts appear, I think they're replacing some character that cannot be displayed.

And yeah, $19.95? lol

When is the option to not delete the SP install file going to be introduced? I have again been asking SD for this since this was in beta, and it is still ignored. When you apply a WB theme and it keeps the WBA file why does this POS insist on deleting the soundpack file?

This for $19.95?

Oh come on, $4.99 would have been more suitable.

You can just download sounds and put them in manually by yourself, it isn't that hard!

Hard, no. Time consuming, yes. I'd rather click a few buttons and get the sounds changed, than to sit there for an hour changing each individual file.