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Have you ever wanted a full blown, Linux-running, pocket sized computer? Sure, why not! I can't tell you how often I go to a friends house and forget my PC. Can you imagine walking down the street with a 2" cube-like PC in your pocket? I can see it now. "Hey man, what's that you are listening to? An MP3 Player?" "No, this is my computer."

I hope they plan on adding battery support and making a nice 2" LCD to go along with it. Anyone who buys one of these will do so purely for "geek status." All I need to know now is where to get one and how much pocket change it is going to cost me.

"The Space Cube is the world's smallest personal computer. The unbelievably minuscule cube (2 x 2 x 2.2 inch case) packs 300 MHz CPU and 64 MB of SDRAM. The Space Cube offers a healthy number of ports, including USB, Ethernet, flash memory, monitor port, Space wire, serial connection, and microphone. This micro PC runs on a Linux named Atom Linux. Shimafuji, the manufacturer of the Space Cube, has recently released the SEMC5701A, which is slightly smaller than its predecessor. The Japanese have assembled a personal computer that fits in your pocket."

Here is some more information and added some images:

Shimafuji's SEMC5701 measures just 2.05 x 2.05 x 1.77 inches (52 x 52 x 48mm). It is based on an NEC Vr5701, clocked at 266MHz or 333MHz. It includes 16MB of Flash, along with 64MB of RAM. I/O interfaces include 10/100 Ethernet, USB, CompactFlash, AC97 audio, and a D-sub 9 RS-232 serial port. The board also offers a D-sub 15 video port, and supports VGA (640 x 480), XGA (800 x 600), and SXGA (1024 x 768) resolutions. It includes an RV5C348B real-time clock, and appears to have a DIP switch for toggling "Endian-ness." The board accepts 5V DC input, and operates at 0 to 35 degrees Celsius.

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I contacted the maker of the Space Cube, A company called Shamafuji a company of about 14 people who developed the Space Cube. Their web site is and it's in Japanese, so you should have translator in your web browser to view their site.

I sent them an e-mail which i retrieved from their site e-mail addr. ( ). I inquired about purchasing 5 or so space cubes for myself. The next day, i received a response from Hiroki Kamata, an employee or worker for the company who said they have never sold it abroad (the space cube) - But they are discussing it, and i was told that "Star-Dendee" is to sell this item abroad (To the US.) He provided me with a URL:

Check with the web site. The space cube currently is slightly over 300 Japanese, or Euro dollars, (according to Shamafuji web site) I was unable to determine from the web site exactly if it was Japanese or euro they were referring to, but the figure they gave me was just over "300"

We're all looking forward to owning one of these sweet little puppies!

Updated the article with some pictures. There is even a picture of the thing naked and some color options. Seems pretty cool. Still no idea where to get one...

Quote - nvme said @ #4
heh cool.. but not to be an ass.. it's not a cube if it's 2x2x2.2

True, but I would like to see you make a perfectly square 2" cube computer.