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The team responsible for incorporating speech technology into Windows Vista, among other products, has a new blog called Speech @ Microsoft. Their blog started just this month and inaugural posts cover such topics as using speech APIs (COM or .NET) in applications and which languages are supported by Windows Speech Recognition and TTS (text-to-speech) in Windows Vista. If you're interested in Windows Vista's speech recognition capabilities (you did know that it's present in all editions of Windows Vista, didn't you?), then keep this blog on your radar.

I'm sure they have come a long way since the red faced reception at Redmond demoing the speech wreck-cognition in which the screen displayed anything but what was being said. Microsoft later blamed this on "ambient background noise".

Link: Speech @ Microsoft
News source: Windows Vista Blog

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Ambient background noise is a big problem when it comes to speech recognition... You need to keep the thing well trained too, which is a pain in the butt. Maybe in another 10-20 years speech recognition software will be smart enough to determine what you are saying with little to no training.

This is true, but IIRC it wasn't ambient noise, more the fact that the volume settings on the mic were completely screwed (I seem to remember due to a bug in that version of Vista's audio stack it wasn't respecting the in-app volume settings, so it just had it maxed out and was distorting to hell).