Sprint unveils new family plan, wants to save you some money [Update]

In the US, Sprint is not necessarily known for great customer service like other carriers, such as T-Mobile may be. However, after the failed merger with T-Mobile, that may be changing. Yesterday, Sprint announced a new plan that may have users who use a high amount of data take a second look at the carrier instead of going to or sticking with a different carrier.

The new plan is called the Sprint Family Share Pack and it doubles the data currently available on similar plans. The plan will be $100 and will include 20 GB of data and unlimited talk and text. The plan supports up to 10 lines, with each line costing $15 on top of the $100 dollars. That means that four lines will cost $160. As an added bonus, customers will receive an additional two GB per line. This means that with four lines, each line could use 7 GB and not go over the total data limit.

Price No of lines Data Additional 2GB per line Total data for all lines
$100 4 20GB 2GB x 4 lines 28GB
$100 10 20GB 2GB x 20 lines 40GB

Below is a breakdown of more options from Sprint:

As the chart above shows, Sprint even allows tablets and mobile broadband cards and devices to be added to the plan as separate lines. For a limited time as well, Sprint has announced that it will pay the termination fees of customers switching to Sprint. Note that the offer will go quickly, as the fine print states that the offer starts August 22nd and ends September 30th; the plan itself will last through 2015. 

All images courtesy of Sprint

Update: Neowin has received a statement from Sprint with an update on the Sprint Data plans. "Our new standard pricing is the shared data plan.We are currently running a promotion that will waive the access fee for all lines on a 20GB or higher plan." It appears that the chart will above will be in effect beyond September 30th.

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We have their unlimited plan. If it wasn't for that we would switch to Verizon for the reliability.

Also if their network doesn't improve by the time we can move to a location with high speed internet we will switch.

I get good speeds for the most part in KC, but there are a lot of dead zones, even on major roads. It's funny, I pass a sign right by the highway that talked about there "newest network and good speeds", but have NO signal for about 3-4 miles.

I'm moving to Republic Wireless as soon as my contract is up. Same crappy network, but half the cost. I have to have unlimited data. They do have a 5GB limit for throttling on RW, but I typically stay under that. There are times I go quite a bit over, though.

This is so true. Try getting any deal as an existing customer? Nope!

Who is their marketing "genius"? This company is just making it too hard for me to give them my money any longer.

This plan is more expensive than the one I currently have...and ours is unlimited.
Also I have to agree with some commenters here, all the data in the world won't matter at blistering slow speeds...no point if you can't use it.

I have currently the Everything Data Share 1500, My bill is nearly $200 with 3 lines.

switched 1 line to t-mobile to save $30 per line.

Now I have two lines with sprint which my bill is going to be around $160. Are these new plans any better than what I have? I want to reduce my sprint bill until my contract for 2 lines are done and switch them over to tmobile.

I could never return to Sprint. I had them for 10 years and the data was so slow plus I prefer GSM over CDMA. I can pop a sim in a use the phone anywhere in the world.

They have unlimited Framily Plans already, but this is a bit cheaper and still quite a bit of data compared to others.

I'm not sure what Verizon is at now, but when I left them, they wanted $30 for 2GB/month. I had the unlimited plan but they wanted me to switch when upgrading for the particular phone I wanted.

It depends where you are at. Most carriers suffer issues in rural areas. I live in Metro Atlanta, and Sprint's LTE network is excellent.

jwoodfin09 said,
It depends where you are at. Most carriers suffer issues in rural areas. I live in Metro Atlanta, and Sprint's LTE network is excellent.

The sprint forums disagree with you.

I have Sprint. In Seattle. The Sprint service isn't just bad, it's downright abysmal. The 4g works alright, on the rare occasion that I can get it. I know people with both Verizon and AT&T.

But the worst thing about Sprint is the terrible on and off again 3g coverage. I'll be out somewhere looking for map directions, and between the time that I say "OK Google, directions to xxxx" and when I finally click the button to navigate (maybe 30 seconds), I have lost the Sprint signal. Then it takes about a full minute for the phone to find the signal again. It is extremely frustrating, and I will be leaving Sprint as soon as my contract runs out. Or I may decide to switch to T-Mobile since they'll pay my ETF.

Also, my phone usually won't ring at my desk at work, but ATT and VZW coworkers have no problems. This causes it to constantly search for a signal, depleting the battery much more rapidly than would occur otherwise.

Overall, Sprint sucks. Highly dissatisfied customer.