SQL Server Yukon Beta Kicks Off

An early Beta version of Microsofts next SQL Server version has been released to testers on BetaPlace.com

Downloads available to testers are:

  • Prospect.csv (272.26 KB) - Data Mining Tutorial

  • ReadinessKit.exe (62.36 MB) - SQL Server Yukon Beta 1 Readiness Kit

  • sqlki.chm (178.16 KB) - Yukon Known Issues

  • Tutorial.doc (2.33 MB) - Data Mining Tutorial

    SQL Server Yukon is a closed beta for past testers and JDP customers only. The next beta of SQL Server Yukon (Beta 2) will be public and people interested in Yukon will be able to participate in a Customer Preview Program.

    Screenshot: Introducing SQL Server Yukon

    Screenshot: SQL Server Yukon Whitepapers

    View: View Readme Notes

    News source: Winfuture.de

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