SSD in new Eee PC to support SATA interface

Asustek Computer is said to be bringing a true solid-state disk (SSD) drive to its Eee PC lineup as the company will use an SSD that supports a serial ATA interface and SLC NAND, according to industry sources. JMicron Technology and Samsung Electronics have been identified as the respective controller IC and single-level cell (SLC) NAND chip suppliers, the sources noted. Phison Electronics is the controller IC supplier for the current Eee PC, which supports MLC NAND using a PATA interface.

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Grrrr I hate JMicron! Their drivers arn't in any windows OS setups and can be picky with some Linux OS's.

For all you linux buffs, you'll recognise "all-gerenic-ide=1" when using some JMicron Controllers

Maybe their included in the later windows setup builds....

What we need for the futurue is not SATA at all. We need a proper interface that works well with SSD and isn't designed around the needs of magnetic-platter hard disks, ideally with operating system optimisation and knowledge of underlying storage hardware and capabilities. But, this is a good step.