Steam now has over 75 million accounts; Alienware to launch Steam Machine in September

Valve is currently holding its first ever Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle and while the event is not open to the public or the press, the company used the occasion to reveal some updated user numbers for its Steam game download service.

In an email press release, Valve announced that it now has over 75 million Steam accounts. In October, Valve said that Steam had over 65 million registered users, which means that the numbers went up by 10 million in just three months. Valve credited the boost in part to its Steam Holiday Sale in December, which saw its concurrent users go up to a peak of over 7.8 million users.

Valve also provided a geographic breakdown of where Steam's revenue for 2013 came from, stating that 41 percent of the sales were based in North America, with another 40 percent coming from Western Europe. Valve also said that Russia and Brazil showed the biggest year-to-year revenue growth on Steam compared to other countries, "respectively increasing 128% and 75%." Valve has never revealed just how much revenue Steam generates.

In related news, Polygon reports that during the Steam Dev Days conference, Dell's gaming PC division Alienware revealed that its Steam Machine, running on Valve's SteamOS, would be out sometime in September. No other information on Alienware's Steam Machine, including price or hardware specs, have been announced. It will be one of 14 third-party Steam Machines that are planned for release sometime in 2014.

Source: Valve email press release and Polygon | Image via Valve

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Factor in that like in my house we have one Steam account but at least 3 people use it for different games, we might not be the majority but it does skew the numbers downwards a bit

virtorio said,
It's no surprise that this number is similar to the number of Xbox 360s and PS3s that have been sold.

The reason I say anything is because of steam users insisting SteamOS is going to cause a mass exodus to Linux now that you can game on Linux. Even if that did happen and every single steam user switched, that would bring Linux up to <10% marketshare in the US. There really is a reality distortion field around the "power of steam"

EvilAstroboy said,

So what was the Cost of the PC/STEAM OS ?

it says on the site it will be competitive with consoles.. therefore it will probably be the same price.

That late in the year it must sport Maxwell then. The Machines need to be on the shelves here and now if this is to make the expected splash.

Phouchg said,
That late in the year it must sport Maxwell then. The Machines need to be on the shelves here and now if this is to make the expected splash.

this is the type of project that will have buzz if it is released today or in a year. They need to make sure the software is not buggy and games run very well.. if they rush the products at all then the entire project will flop in a few months..

Also, is their any chance they are waiting for AMD support? if they had an AMD APU in there instead they could be made much cheaper then they are right now.