Steam Summer Sale kicks off

The PC gamers’ most holiest of days has arrived. The Steam Summer sale has kicked-off and it will run until June 28th with a bonus round until Monday, June 30th.

The Steam sales are great if you’re a PC gamer as it gives folks the chance to purchase a ton of games, including premium titles, for very low prices; discount can be as much as 90% on certain titles.

This year’s Steam Summer Sale takes place a month earlier than usual, with the event normally taking place in July. Rumors came out regarding this change earlier this month and the sale was confirmed yesterday.

Not an official ad, but pretty much captures the essence of this event

The Steam Summer Sale will offer select prices on games, items and DLCs. Interested gamers should take note and follow closely as some deals are long-term, but others are very limited and can be easily missed.

Is there a specific title you’re hoping to catch or will just purchase as many cool titles as you can? Let us know in the comments.

Source: EuroGamer

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Ok, So Steam sells you items (in this case games) that don't actually exist in the real world and don't have any real world value. Then they create artificial "sales" where they sell those nothing items at a cheaper price. So then droves of suckers think they're getting a deal. That's Genius.

Before I even clicked the article to actually read this, I already had Steam open and the Witcher purchased...

So much for self-control. :pinch:

I got Left4Dead 2 free from Steam and I clocked almost 200 Hrs playing that game with Multiplayers. I think that is the only game which works perfectly in Multiplayer besides occasionally getting some morons who likes to shoot their own team mates and ruin game for everyone but sometimes you also get a team which works really well.

Remember the rules kids:

a) Is it a flash sale? Buy!
b) Is it a daily deal? Buy!
c) Is it the last day of the sale? Buy!
d) None of the above? DON'T BUY!