Study: Cox, Comcast Internet subscribers blocked

Cox Communications appears to be interfering with file-sharing by its Internet subscribers in the same manner that has landed Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) in hot water with regulators, according to research obtained by The Associated Press. A study based on the participation of 8,175 Internet users around the world found conclusive signs of blocked file-sharing connections only at three Internet service providers: Comcast and Cox in the U.S. and StarHub in Singapore.

Of the 788 Comcast subscribers who participated in the study, 491, or 62 percent, had their connections blocked. At Cox, 82 out of 151 subscribers, or 54 percent, were blocked, according to Krishna Gummadi at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Saarbruecken, Germany.

Philadelphia-based Comcast is the country's second-largest ISP, with 14.1 million subscribers. Atlanta-based Cox Communications is the fourth-largest, with 3.8 million. It is part of privately held Cox Enterprises Inc. Comcast's practice of interfering with traffic was brought to light by user reports last year and confirmed by an AP investigation in October.


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I used to have Cox, never had a problem with filesharing... I live in a different state and Suddenlink (formerly Cebridge) seems to have all kinds of issues. First off, I end up with bandwidth caps constantly. What the hell? I pay for 3mb/s. I never signed an agreement to what limit (and I read the agreements thoroughly). Further more, the node I'm on constantly "forgets" my modem during reprovisioning when a server goes down or the power goes out for whatever reason. If that's not the worst problem, I've had about 10 of those Ambit modems ( wish I was being sarcastic ) and they're all complete crap. I wish someone would investigate those guys.

Hehe.. Cox My boss has that as his home and complains all the time! Some stuff ISPs do are for the greater good and only annoy a few people but damn... I have comcast now and they don't seem to block or "shape" my traffic much but i know they do at other people's house i've been to.

Surely i'm using their network on a lease basis and they have a TOS but damn, when does it go from that to "you're not allowed to view pr0n on our networks" LOL. Since pr0n probably take up most of the internet bandwidth (well a good chunk i'm sure) when will they also start blocking other things that we consider "normal usage?"