Study: Immigrants make tech jobs, not take them

US lawmakers may be seeking to restrict entry of skilled foreign workers to save jobs of their citizens, but a new research shows that firms founded by immigrants from places like India are creating thousands of jobs every year in the country. In a new study, researchers from Duke University, along with the University of California-Berkeley, and the Kauffman Foundation, showed that Skilled, Educated Immigrants Contribute Significantly to U.S. Economy and that 25.3 pc US tech firms started by immigrants.

Almost 26 percent of all immigrant-founded companies in the past 10 years were founded by Indian immigrants. Immigrants from the United Kingdom, China and Taiwan contributed to 7.1 percent, 6.9 percent and 5.8 percent of all immigrant-founded businesses, respectively.

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of course Immigrants make work here, we all are technically immigrants in the end here... most of the companies that started here that are big now were started by people that recently immigrated before the founding of it

The point is any foreign company is going to charge less money than a regular american company. I always find funny how in the U.S. a mexican cutting grass or an asian running a 7-11 in movies. These are the guys than go to america to try put a business and hire more people, not be an employee all their life. what is going on? americans don't know what the american dream is anymore? You leave your country to make the money you couldn't get there. And most people never come back once they start making $.