Sumatra PDF 2.2.1

Sumatra PDF is a free PDF, eBook (MOBI), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) reader for Windows. Sumatra PDF is small and starts up very fast. Simplicity of the user interface has a high priority. Portable version included (a single executable that can be run e.g. from USB drive and doesn't write to registry).

Changes in this release:

  • fixed ebooks sometimes not remembering the viewing position
  • fixed Sumatra not exiting when opening files from a network drive
  • fixes for most frequent crashes and PDF parsing robustness fixes

Download: Sumatra PDF 2.2.1 Installer | 4.8 MB (Freeware)
Download: Sumatra PDF 2.2.1 Portable | 2.5 MB
Download: Sumatra PDF 64-bit | 5.2 MB
View: Homepage

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I really love this program. Has never railed to render any PDF I have given it. Loads instantly and uses very little resources. Sure it doesn't have every feature under the sun but if you don't need all the extras I don't think there is anything else available that does the job as well. I used to like Foxit Reader but that too has become kinda crappy these days. This app is clean, small, stable and does the job just right. A perfect example of a great app doing just what it is designed for.

ditoa said,
Sure it doesn't have every feature under the sun but

There's no, "but". This is exactly why I have this little cool fella on my PC.