Surface 2 tablets are too hot for retail, still (mostly) sold out

The 512 GB Surface Pro 2 is the only one of Microsoft's new tablets you can buy from their own site at the moment.

While the Microsoft Store website is once again selling the Xbox One after weeks of showing the console as "out of stock", the same is not true for most of the company's Surface 2 tablets. In December, one week before Christmas, the site showed that all of the Surface 2 models were "out ot stock" but today, three weeks after Christmas, the $1,799 Surface Pro 2, with its 512 GB of storage, is the only one that consumer can actually purchase via the site.

While the site itself is lacking any way to buy most of the new tablets, the situation isn't any better if you try to call a local Microsoft Store retail location. Neowin attempted to do so and got a message stating that the company could not guarantee availability of any of the new Surface tablets at their retail stores over the phone. In other words, if you want to see if your local Microsoft Store has Surface tablets in stock, you have to drive over to the store to see for yourself.

Neowin contacted Microsoft to see if they could give us an update on Surface 2 shipments to the Microsoft Store website and why it is still nearly sold out well after the busy holiday shopping season. Unfortunately, the company didn't offer us a solid explanation. Instead, it sent over the same comment that the company offered Neowin when we asked about the same situation a month ago:

The public response to Surface has been exciting to see. It is our primary goal to get Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and new Surface accessories into the hands of all people who want the most productive tablets on the planet. We’re actively working with our manufacturing teams and retail partners to get Surface in customers’ hands as soon as possible.

The situation isn't much better at, which currently only has the 32 GB Surface 2 and the 128 GB Surface Pro 2 available for shipment. seems to be the best bet for online ordering at the moment; only the 256 GB Surface Pro 2 is shown as out of stock but that could change quickly.

Unlike the Xbox One, which Microsoft recently said has sold over 3 million units worldwide from launch until the end of 2013, the company has never offered any shipment or sales figures for its Surface tablets. However, the lack of availability of the new models could turn into a liability for Microsoft as it tries to compete with Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon and others in the already crowded tablet space.

Microsoft is supposed to reveal its fourth quarter 2014 financial results on Thursday, January 23rd and we hope the company will offer some color on the sales of the Surface 2 tablet family at that time.

Image via Microsoft

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Why is Microsoft not revealing any actual sales figures? That is one excellent measure of an item's success, or lack thereof.

They've said before they will be doing it at the same time they do the quarterly stuff for all of MS. They specifically said they were going to give exact figures for surface from now on.

We have had a few S2's on order for months no and a shipping date of February. I would think MS could up production by now.

I don't think that the Surface tablets are hot at all. The Surface tablets are not even registering on many pie charts when it comes to market share. For the average non-tech user, there is not much of a difference between Surface RT vs Surface 2. I think this is a case where Microsoft purposely manufactured less Surface devices to give the impression that their product is in high demand. Like I said, if it were doing well, it would be in every tech analysts' pie charts of all the tablets in the market.

Too much time spent typing. Your standard choices are

(1) TOTAL FAILURE, no units available clearly indicates an artificial shortage.
(2) TOTAL FAILURE, units available clearly indicates that no one is buying them.

From here on, you can simply post (1) or (2), and everyone will understand your point.

They've been selling like hot cakes here in Canada... I spoke to a rep at Future Shop the other day and they said they're having trouble keeping in stock because they keep running out and they have high demand every day. I've been seeing them around Starbucks too lately haha.

The new "Windows Stores" within Future Shop and Best Buys are definitely helping, they're always packed and make the tiny Apple isle look deserted. :-)

$1800 bucks!!? I could get a nice Gaming Rig, and still remain with some cash to get an iPad Air. I haven't seen any Surface tablets outside of retail yet.

I know I need a 30000$ commercial truck for my business, but f*** it, I'm going to get a 25000$ sedan and buy a bike with the rest. Now that's what I call smart. /s

I think the general consensus that they over corrected Surface 2 production numbers a bit too low is probably most accurate, although on the Surface 2 Pro could have an additional factor of low yield on the Intel side.

Suffice to say, you can find them if you look for them, but you have to really WANT one to find one. Really does put a damper on the impulse buys though.

64GB, 128GB & 256GB are out of stock! 512GB is in stock!

Best Buy asst. mgr told my friends in Cangoa Park, CA that Suurface 2 (all) & Surface Pro 2 (all) are n/a on sale. You can order online only. He claimed it was shortage of supply. (really?)

Not true, you can get them in store, but the supply for the Surface 2 (both versions) has really sucked ass, even from the get go. We've had more Surface Pro 2 128GB than anything. Microsoft is apparently loaded on inventory of Surface RT 64GBs though, as they seem to be in stock everywhere. Makes sense why BBY has had both the 32 and 64 at such a good price ($299 for 64gb right now).

It's just the 256 and 512 that are mostly online only. At least, I've never even seen one of those in store, and more likely than anything, most of your every day consumers will be looking at the 128GB.

Didn't we go through all this last year? News sites constantly writing about how the Surface was sold out everywhere, when in reality it was just that there weren't many devices being produced.

Until we see some numbers, these "sold out" articles don't mean anything.

it's pretty much the opposite of saying, 'hey guys, these things turned out to be waay to expensive, so after an initial sales period, we reduced stock, claimed we cannot order fast enough, and then do a media statement saying that 'we are sad that we cannot give everyone a S2, we are tying our hardest'. Sales numbers in hard cold spreadsheets is believing. MS does this twisted PR numbers game all the time, i'm getting sick of it. Stop fuelling speculation based on faulty trends

Kaa-Ching said,
Sales numbers in hard cold spreadsheets is believing.
Why? How would you know those numbers are true and not just pulled from someone's a**? Why should we blindly believe any company just because they state a specific number?

It's amazing how many people are not bothered to read the article and still compare it to the iPad, just makes them look like fools. Let me know where you can find an iPad with a 512 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM.

Let me know where you can find an iPad with a 512 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM.

And can run x86 programs, and maybe have an actual USB port...

When I bought my RT 2 in early November at Best Buy, I had to wait in line in order to look at the surface. All other computers had nobody looking at them but the Surface 2 area had a line.

I traded in my iPad Mini for it and it's much better than the mini, IMO. I had to do some work over Christmas vacation and Office came in handy.. couldn't do that on the mini without a 3rd party app.

The ONLY thing holding me back from selling my iPad and buying a Surface 2 Pro is the lack of LTE connectivity. My iPad will be on Craigslist the moment MS fixes that oversight.

According to rumours, it'll be out by the end of the year alongside the Surface 3. A bit odd, if you ask me. For now, the Nokia 2520 supports LTE but it runs Windows RT 8.1.

Yup, I just don't get it. Apple has had LTE in the iPad 3 for a few years now. I believe there are Android tablets that have had LTE for longer. Yet MS doesn't even offer 3G. I kinda understood it in the 1st gen Surface Pro because the processor was already a battery hog but it just doesn't make sense with the Haswell's. The RT makes even less sense.

Instead I upgraded my old iPad 3 (which did its job like a champ) and bought an iPad Air. I also got a Zagg Folio keyboard case. It too runs like a champ but frankly I want Office. However I NEED mobile connectivity much more so I continue to pass on a product that I actually think is pretty good.

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