Surface makes a small blip on the web traffic radar

A new report from Chitika has been released and depending on which publication you read, they will either frame it as the demise of all things Microsoft or will provide a reasonable basis for why the numbers are below that of the iPad and Android.

In a nut shell, the Surface took .13% of the web traffic generated from the ad impressions across the Chitika network while Android took .91% of the market; Chitika states the sample base was in the tens of millions.

For those keeping score at home, both Microsoft and Google’s first part devices took about 1% of the market, combined. The iPad still easily dominates the tablet traffic market by taking 88% of the pie. The remaining web traffic would be made up of a mixture of third-party Android devices and all the other tablets that have been released over the years.

If you are shocked that the Surface, while only being on the market for about 6 weeks, does not command a massive portion of the market, you may need to reevaluate your expectations. Seeing that the Surface is taking only a small percentage is not surprising at this stage of the game but if we come back in a year from now and it’s still floating at less than 1%, then it may be time to sound the alarm.

More surprising from the study is that Google, with its Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets, is accounting for less than 1% of the market. It goes to show how strong the grasp of the iPad has on the tablet market and the considerable uphill battle Microsoft has against Apple in this segment.

For now, we will continue to watch these numbers closely but to forecast imminent death for the Surface based on these numbers is not only reckless, it’s unfounded.

Via: All Things D

Source: Chitika

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why would we expect a device that has limited sales points at the moment that has only been out for a month to have a massive impact on anything?... this isn't like apple where they flood the market with a device every year, this is a brand new product that never existed before... even the iPod took time to build up in sales

I got one and made the mistake of letting my wife use it while I was repairing her laptop. Now she won't give it back. :-( I guess its justification for a Pro next month! :-D

better then my girlfriend.. used it for one day and dropped it on our slate floor at home.. huge chip out of a corner but still works like a charm..

honestly, after years of struggling and google can't break into the table space, yet in just a month surface is already starting to challenge it...seems like google is f'ed up.

Surface is web surfing machine, best browser experience on any tablet I've used yet. Especially once you apply your own whitelist for flash as needed. With so many android devices out there, i'm surprised the surface accounts for any statistical blip yet..

I have both iPad 2 and Surface RT. And I honestly can say that I use Surface only. iPad is used by my kids and my wife for games and FB. I really like Surface - that I could actually do my work (via Office 2013). Hopefully it will do well.

These numbers seriously they aren't accurate. Look at their web browser market share supposedly Safari has almost 16% of the market and IE has more of the market than Firefox and Chrome combined. Other sources suggest Firefox & Chrome control at least 60% of the whole market and Safari has about 7% of the market.

Take it with a pinch of Salt, the HP Touchpad has sold at least 1m devices, there might not be 1m active Touchpad's but we can take a guess that the Surface is probably floating near 1m active devices. There has been around 5m Nexus 7 tablets sold which could also indicate the Surface has around 1m active devices.

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