sWeather 1.3.1

sWeather is a simple, portable weather application that displays the current temperature and conditions for one or more US or international locations. You can easily add a location be searching the integrated database. In addition to the current conditions, sWeather also displays a 5-day forecast and provides a link to the detailed report on Yahoo. Other features include dynamic tray icons for temperature and weather conditions and an option to change the weather (just for fun).

Download: sWeather 1.3.1 | 2.0 MB (Freeware)
Screenshots: >>Click Here<<
View: sWeather Website | Release Notes
News Source: SnapFiles.com

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HTC Home : absolutely no no to install this cr** : the installer destroyed my homepages from Firefox and installs some toolbar without my approval, to remove it you need extra measures and Firefox clean up.

Sorry guys, but that is just ugly. The old stuff is just that old stuff. Guess we should put out some of the old CRT stuff from back in the 70's. Just thinking.

I'm right there with you, perhaps it shows me age, but I love the look of apps like this. Though I have to say it doesn't make me want to dust off my Packard Bell, I spent to much time wanting to crush it into dust.

There's something incredibly charming about these classic-style utilities. I love the modern stuff, but this hits that nostalgia itch that usually gets me dusting off an old Packard Bell and installing WFW.