Symantec Launches Norton 2008 Series

The NEW Norton 2008 products deliver comprehensive security, home network monitoring, performance and more, allowing you to have confidence in your connected world.

What's new in Norton AntiVirus 2008

- Detects and removes spyware and viruses.
- Blocks spyware and worms automatically.
- Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading.
- Rootkit detection finds and removes hidden threats.
- NEW! Improved performance delivers faster scans.
- NEW! One click access to expert support.
- NEW! Enhanced protection elements improve your PC security.
- NEW! Works quietly in the background.
- NEW! Network mapping provides a view of your home network.
- Includes one year of automatic definition updates, new product features, and access to updated versions of Norton AntiVirus™.*
- On-going Protection keeps your computer protected from the latest Internet risks by automatically renewing your subscription at the regular subscription price.

What's new in Norton Internet Security 2008

Key Technologies

- Antispyware
- Antivirus
- Two-Way Firewall
- Advanced Phishing Protection
- Intrusion Prevention
- Rootkit Detection


- Improved performance delivers faster starts and scans. NEW
- One click access to expert support. NEW
- Network security monitoring helps protect your wireless network. NEW
- Norton Identity Safe delivers enhanced i dentity theft protection. NEW
- Works quietly in the background. NEW
- Protection for up to 3 PCs per household
- Blocks identity theft by phishing Web sites
- Protects against hackers
- Detects and eliminates spyware
- Removes viruses and Internet worms automatically
- Protects email and instant messaging from viruses
- Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading
- Rootkit detection searches underneath the operating system using patented technology
- Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period *
- On-going Protection option automatically renews your subscription

Download: Norton Antivirus 2008 (final) 15 day trial
Download: Norton Internet Security 2008 (final) 15 day trial
Link: Home Page

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looks like they released "Bloatware 2008" lol

no thanks, ill stick with NOD32 as we all know that's one of the best av's u can get.

is there any free alternatives that are almost as good as NOD32?

buletov said,
There is avast! Antivirus Home Edition. A very solid and good product.

how's it's detection rate compared to NOD32? ... if it's pretty much the same i might switch to it.


What's new in Norton 2008 Series

- Usages more RAM
- Usages more CPU
- Usages more Disk Spaces
- More Slow
- "Set it and forger it" sorry "Install it and forger it" (caz if u install it once, u won't install it again. It's really **** product)

Jesus Christ, are people still actually using their products?! How blind do you have to be to understand that the only good product they've made is that Symantec Uninstaller Tool which is the only one that can actually remove their crap from peoples computers...

So, the new key things with ****mantec Norton 2008 are the one that every other mayor player has for years... how ironic!

I say stick with NOD32 or avast! Antivirus and be safe.

I disagree about the second part... Sure, the home products are complete bull, but the corporate versions are pretty damn good. The Symantec definitions are actually very good, you just have to find something that doesn't use up 6 figures of RAM to use them

I used the Antivirus beta version and found it quite snappy and good looking. Their old versions pre 2007 were indeed crap.

dont know but since 2004 fiasco i wont touch any norton products again maybe system work...

anyways the only one that would use this here its radish

Have any of you tried norton 2007? how about trying 2008? I guess not...

Believe or not because I didn't believe at first, norton 2007 was miles ahead of 2006 in terms of performance and quality of product and 2008 supposed to be ever more efficient.

Norton 2007 AV takes about the same ram as NOD32! and almost identical detection rates.

for the record... I use nod32

the 2007 line was alot better than previous versions, i tested the 2008 products, on par with 2007 as far as sys performance etc etc. not saying a full suite is right for everyone, depends on your needs.

Flash News!

A variant of the trojan Win32.Norton was out earlier today. This variant is part of the new "2008" series.
Although significantly lighter on the system than earlier versions, it's main aim is to to swindle people's money.

The malware also features an "uninstall" feature that deliberately doesn't work and corrupts the PC when the feature is activated.

Corporate users are at a significantly higher risk of infection.

AntiVirus vendors have been quick to provide a removal tool for Norton.

As a precursor to my following post, I am a CCNE and MCSE. I am also completely proficient with nix and the variants. I am the CIO of a large corporation with 9 remote locations, 28 windows '03 servers, 6 nix servers ('03 is much more solid) Cisco Unity VoIP System running on four blades.

With that said, it amazes me when I read these posts from end users that have not even tried the new '08 version. It is MUCH lighter, faster and excels in detections of both viruses and spyware (do a Google on AV comparisons, some have the '08 version). I performed a test recently. I am a fan of Nod32 and have it on my personal PC. I ran some file intensive apps and timed them with both Nod and '08. Symantec excelled or matched Nod32. I will certainly admit that previous versions, say 04-'07, personal editions are major hogs with several bugs, not so with '08. It is a dramatic improvement. Please don't make such assumptions without actually trying the product; it is childish and meaningless to all.

In the corporate world there simply is no comparison to Symantec’s Corp Editions. It is the standard upon which all others are judged. It is like comparing Photoshop to Windows image editor, not even close. Trend's Corporate is quite competitive but just doesn't quite cut it.

I’m done


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