Symantec outgrows underground nuclear bunker

Symantec has emerged from its bunker in the British countryside, moving its malware-fighting operations from a former U.K. military nuclear shelter to a more conventional office in Reading. The nuclear bunker, with concrete walls and an obscure entrance on a hillside near Twyford, England, was used for one of the company's Special Operations Center (SOC). The regional centers are used by security analysts who are part of the company's Managed Security Services. Companies hire Symantec to help with part or all of their IT security operations.

The nuclear shelter may have been good public relations for a security company, but it wasn't comfortable: It lacked windows and had "sanitation" problems, company officials said. On Wednesday, Symantec offered a tour of its new facility in Reading to journalists, analysts, and customers. The facility, formerly used by storage company Veritas, which Symantec acquired in 2005, has twice as much space as the bunker and was needed to accommodate Symantec's growth.

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Symantec is so lucky that the average person has no clue about security software. When people at my office or friends get a new computer they have me check it out for them. The first thing I do is get rid of Norton and put on AVG Free. Then I put on Firefox and tell em to not use IE unless they have to for certain websites. I make sure they know not to download any "file sharing" software and make sure their teenagers know this as well. There is your perfect security solution and it costs nothing. If everyone did this Symantec would be looking for smaller offices or at least hiring less management and more programmers that know how to make a small footprint piece of software unlike the Godzilla Foot they have now.

Argh, that idiotic argument again, with a patronizing twist added too as the cream on top.
The "You aren't doing anything better yourself, huh, HUH!?"

Yes, the one that probably first appeared in an online discussion sometime in 1970.

Do I even need to reply... OK, I will...

Just because most aren't qualified to design and develop their own computer security software, doesn't mean we can't see the flaws in some and the advantages in others. Seriously... You DO NOT need to be qualified to develop your own software to see the flaws. You merely need to have used more than one product. Then you can make comparisons! So the things are completely unrelated.

MajinDark said,
I'd like to see you kids come up with a better product.

I reckon kids could make something better than Norton. Hell, I've produced better turds.

MajinDark said,
I'd like to see you kids come up with a better product.
Who needs to make a better product? My system ran far better without Norton.

MajinDark said,
I'd like to see you kids come up with a better product.

we personally cant make better products since were individuals and not multi million dollar software companies, Kaspersky, Eset, Avira, and several other companies however can.

Wow! I live in the same town that that building's in and it really doesnt look like a nuclear bunker, I also never knew it was! From the outside it's a big black glass building with their logo on the side. It's got a load of wooden fences around it now so I think it might be being demolished for a new building to match the new Sainsbury's. More to the point, the building isn't in Twyford, it's in Maidenhead (I am fully aware of the slang connotations of my town's name in America:P)...unless they're leaving there too?
Edit: They are moving all local stuff to Reading according to the full article

Working from there was a publicity stunt. But I'd rather go with a company that didn't NEED a nuclear bunker!