Symantec sends bogus warning of full-scale Internet meltdown

On Friday at around 8:40 p.m. EDT, Symantec Corporation sent an e-mail with the subject "DeepSight Increased ThreatCon from 1 to 4 Alert" to enterprise customers of Symantec's DeepSight advanced alert system. ThreatCon uses a 1-through-4 scoring system and according to the company's own definition, Level 4 is reserved for those times when "extreme global network incident activity is in progress. Implementation of measures in this Threat Condition for more than a short period probably will create hardship and affect the normal operations of network infrastructure."

Symantec has never set ThreatCon to Level 4 and even a Level 3 is rare. In the body of the e-mailed alert, however, careful readers found the words: "Summary: threatcon test threatkhanh otrs" buried among several links. The alert was a false alarm, Symantec said just over an hour later in a follow-up message at 9:45 p.m. EDT. "The DeepSight Threat Management System is NOT at ThreatCon 4. At 18:40 MST on September 21, 2007 an erroneous ThreatCon 4 update was issued through DeepSight TMS due to product testing. This ThreatCon 4 update should be disregarded."

News source: ComputerWorld

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"...which means I have no choice but to terrify you by ratcheting up the alert level a couple of notches to BLACKWATCH PLAID!" "Ha"

ThreatCon 1 : Keep update norton and buy if needing.
ThreatCon 2 : Also update or buy a latest release of symantec suite.
ThreatCon 3 : Buy every symantec products and install put security at level high.
ThreatCon 4 : Buy every symantec products and the competitor... or just disconnect from internet.

IMHO paranoia is good for the business ;-)

be afraid my friends ahhaahahahaha
im waiting for the day web will became de-centralized. maybe never but i guess its some ppl wish! or not? wish for the webppl, not for the US! untill US controles domains and all web regarded, BlackHatz will control web reliability! please, have some psychedelic dreams because, one day, we wake up and it all became grey!

untill then, laught at this kind of news...

"ThreatCon 4, nuclear war on the web, carefull, radio active!" LMAO