Symantec Sets Next Release of Norton 360

Symantec's security software is gearing up for the New Year with a few enhancements. The Cupertino-based security vendor slated the release of Norton 360 Version 2.0 Beta for early January. While the basic Norton 360 engine is the same, version 2.0 is designed with a stronger focus on usabiilty. The new beta version 2.0 offers expanded PC security, identity protection, and more backup and PC tuneup options. It's also accessible and easy-to-use, offering a direct link to streamline user feedback. Symantec will introduce the premier version of Norton 360, which will include improved antispam accuracy and enhanced control features, near the end of the first quarter.

Although the product was initially designed for the security novice, a Symantec survey found that at least one third of its users were tech savvy. "It resonates with anyone who wants security but doesn't want to deal with it," said Jeff Kyle, group product manager for Norton 360. "We weren't sure if the advanced users were really ready for that. But the buying behavior has shown Norton 360 resonates well across all segments."

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What is the 360 supposed to mean; seems they named it after a game console for some reason. Wouldn't 365 have made more sense, as in it protects you 365 days a year? Well that is if it actually did protect you instead of causing more problems than it supposedly prevents.

I hope they give the new version free to anyone who bought one of the old versions, I think they ow it to them for flogging such a piece of crap to start with.

Though I doubt a new version solves any problems anyway.

To my knowledge Norton 360 is set up as a subscription service similar to OneCare, where people that currently have an active subscription get any and all upgrades.

I've never used the program, but I do use OneCare and will say that the reason I like it (and would probably like Norton 360 if I opted for that instead) is because even though I am "tech savvy", I just want something simple to protect my system without all of the unnecessary clutter. It does just about everything without requiring interaction on my part, and it is nice not having to worry about patches or updates, as it all gets delivered automatically.