Symantec Slips, but Closes In on AV Product Delivery

Symantec Corp. is slipping on its target delivery time for the next major upgrade of its security product for enterprises, code-named Hamlet, while it irons out final code wrinkles during beta testing. In May 2006, Symantec CEO John Thompson said Hamlet would be released between January and March of this year. But the product is one of Symantec's biggest releases, incorporating technology from several of Symantec's acquisitions into one piece of code, so more testing is being done.

The company, which holds the highest market share of any security software maker, is deploying Hamlet internally as well as among a limited set of beta customers for testing, said Mathew Lodge, director of product marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, on Wednesday. "The trials are very important to us, and we feel it's important that we get through those and ensure it is very solid," Lodge said.

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News source: PC World

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Has anybody here used the Corporate versions of the AntiVirus products? No bloatware at all and very efficient! Looking forward for more updates of the corporate series

Wow, more Symantec bashing. It may have been deserved the last 3 years, but Norton 2007 isn't bloated at all. I ran NIS07 on a comp with 512 MB RAM and there was little to no performance hit. McAfee is the real bloatware now, not Symantec.

That being said, NOD32 is still the best AV product out there by far, but Symantec just has a bad rap now, which quite frankly is becoming less and less deserved.

You can't really blame these people for bashing Norton though. Norton should have thoroughly tested it's last 3-4 products well before they had released it to the public. And the fact that it took them this long, that will only add the punch to its AV products.

Basically, they screwed up, and now they're paying for it. It will take some time before the mass public will adopt Norton once again. Until then, the only real thing they have to worry about keeping their product line a quality product. If 2008 becomes another crap version, it's just going to hurt them again. :sleeping:

Symantec is quite good at convincing people to buy their bloatwares, hence the biggest market share.

They bought Norton Utilities (from Peter Norton), bought PowerQuest's Partition Magic (Norton Partition Magic, which still at 8.05, no new development), IBM and WholeSecurity's anti-virus, bought GoBack from Roxio, Ghost from Binary Research and firewall from Sygate.

Do they even develop and write their own softwares?


No wonder its delayed if they are running it on their own machines. I would be surprised if they can get any work at all done.