Synology Disk Station DS-409+ NAS review

Over the past few years I have taken particular interest in network-attached storage, or NAS for short. As sharing large amounts of data from a standard desktop computer became problematic, the move to NAS just made sense and today provides a central point to share and store data in our office on a daily basis.

The Disk Station DS-409+ that we'll be reviewing today supports four hard drives with a powerful 1.06GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. This new NAS device supports 2TB hard drives and therefore can be configured with up to 8TBs of storage.

The DS-409+ is designed to appeal to small-and-medium business users seeking an affordable solution for efficient data sharing and backup. Read our full review where we take a closer look at the Disk Station DS-409+ unit's hardware, software and performance metrics for your consumption.

View: Synology Disk Station DS-409+ NAS review

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I own a CS407 and think they fantastic NAS's.
Im considering upgrading to a DS509 shortly though, purely because of how much I use it and the storage im using.

A while back, I was trying to decide if I needed a NAS, and what would be the best approach... My build draft basically was going to be a low power amd processor, mine own case (so it's not limited to 4 harddrives)... and I was going to put Windows Home Server

I ended up just putting raid 10 in my current system, but I think if you really want a good NAS, it's probably more affordable to build it yourself

Neowin should discuss Windows Home Server, long time since I've seen it been mentioned, and it's a great product

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