T-Mobile begins pre-order for LG G3, ships July 15th

While AT&T still has their coming soon page for the LG G3, T-Mobile has unveiled their G3 pre-order page that states orders will begin shipping on July 15th, 2014. If you don't have the opportunity to pre-order this device, it will also be available in stores the following day. If you aren't familiar with the LG G3, it is LG's latest flagship device with a couple fairly unique attributes compared to its competition.

The device sports a 5.5" display with an industry leading resolution of 2560 x 1440. If that wasn't unique enough, the G3 also has a special laser guided focusing system that is meant to bring faster auto focusing to the device while taking pictures. The T-Mobile variant will come with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Although we don't have a full review yet, our own Andy Weir was in attendance at the London launch event and has a detailed hands-on of the device

The device is currently available for pre-order via T-Mobile's website for $598.80 USD and will begin shipping on July 15, 2014. The phone will be available in two colors, Metallic Black and Silk White. The device will available in physical retail stores on July 16th. 

Source: T-Mobile 

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Girl walks up to guy and notices a bulge in his pocket, she says " Is that a phablet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"...... ^_^

Dinggus said,
Looks nice, but I enjoy vanilla Android to much.

Yep, the first thing I did to my g2 was root, cm11 and nova launcher prime

Was close to buying this device and upgrading from my SG3. WIth all the Note 4 rumors flying around I think I'll purchase it.

after spending a lot of time researching, and almost buying a Nexus 5 I decided on the LG G2. Can't quite justify for the G3 for my needs, but I bet it's an awesome phone.

That said, after literally 5 minutes using the G2 I rooted and installed CM 11 (Nova Launcher) which has improved it no end. Hate manufacturers roms (bloatware) and I personally find them difficult to use.

Not sure what the G3 will be like, but I hope they are lightened the payload this time around.

I got one yesterday, I changed my HTC one M8 which I did love.

The only advantage the HTC had was the sound otherwise the LG G3 simply blows it away in every other category.

Do you wear girl pants? Because my pockets have no problem with this size of a device. The bezels are extremely thin so the phone isn't as big as other 5.5" devices.

For me it is irrelevant as I am in a wheelchair it sits on my lap most of the time.

There is no denying the phone is big but like you say the bevels are extremely thin.

thats one funny looking mini tablet, i wouldnt be able to fit it in my pocket, LG should try a lot harder in order for people to be able to carry their tablets in their pockets

Deyirn said,
you guys' pockets amaze me, i guess i should stop buying weird fancy clothes with tiny pockets then

What phone are you using?

Dinggus said,

What phone are you using?

i had a huawei ascend p1 witha 4.3 display, which used to fit quite well in my pocket, but besides the fact that im acting like a retard in this article, i have to say, for real, those phones are getting way out of hand, regarding their size, considering the fact that only primitives and maniacs would want something this big

Smaller than a Note 3.

I think the Nexus 5 is a perfect size, coming from the iPhone 5 and I've had every iPhone since 3GS.

I bought a Note 2 and it was to big to use for fitness so I got rid of it, plus didn't like TouchWiz. But, now that I see you can run a custom rom on the Note 3 and we have smart watches now that can track fitness and add music I might look again.

You're not the only person in the world who disagree's with the size of these phones. My friend said he won't get the new iPhone if it's to big, he likes his iPhone 5 the way it is.