T-Mobile makes spokesmodel edgier for new ad campaign

T-Mobile didn't have the best of years in 2011. A plan to merge the company with AT&T got cancelled thanks to pressure from the US government who felt the combination would result in anti-competive issues. On top of that, T-Mobile is the only one of the four major US wireless carriers not able to offer the iPhone for sale.

This week, T-Mobile tries to remake itself in a new ad campaign that features its long time spokesmodel Carly Foulkes. The new one minute commercial shows Foulkes in her very expensive-looking city apartment ditching her trademark sun dresses in favor of a tight leather motorcycle outfit (albeit still with hints of T-Mobile's trademark magenta colouring). She then heads down to her garage, gets onto her Ducati bike and goes for a ride through the streets.

T-Mobile uses the commercial to link to a new marketing website called Testdrive where it tries to show that its HSPA+ based wireless network is "faster" than those of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. However, the website cheats by comparing T-Mobile phones with all of the iPhone 4S models that the three other carriers use. None of the iPhone 4S models support the faster LTE networks of Verizon and AT&T nor the WiMax network of Sprint that it will soon be dumping in favor of its own LTE setup.

Image via T-Mobile

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Fire the sound guy! Dismiss the producer too.

It is clearly a Ducati. It sounds like a v-twin, then a 4, then a v-twin and the commercial ends with a 4 cylinder.

Stupid is as stupid does.

So their comparison was correct. Since The 4S likes to tout around it's "4G" symbol and it supposedly utilizes (w/ AT&T) 14.4mbps HSPA T Mobile was correct in the comparison. It's not T Mobile's fault AT&T only has 14.4mbps to fall back on and they have 21.1 and 42mbps (in some markets). Verizon and Sprint well that's another issue. The iPhone there is still running on 3G even under the updated standard. HSPA is HSPA, this is about who's is faster.

As a carrier if you put one specific phone in the front of the pack (the iPhone) you'd better have some weight behind it. Don't say T Mobile is wrong for doing a 'false' comparison. They grabbed the other carriers and their precious by the nuts on this. Every carrier boasts "We have 4G/LTE!! Buy the iPhone!" How does that make any sense?

I love T-Mobile. Been with them 6 years now and I cannot complain. Glad ATT did not get their grubby hands on them. I just hope they keep improving the network and service and hopefully it will be the iPhone soon for them also.

I switched from tmobile to sprint and I can't wait to go back... While I enjoy the phone lineup better from sprint the data and phone network stability on tmobile was top notch.

Maybe it's my market where I live at now, but I def regret switching and I'm glad to see them boost themselves with new ad campaigns...

Dumb. Though I do like HSPA+. I would almost rather have that than LTE because of battery life issues. LTE should have been delayed until they had it supporting data....urgh.

ObiWanToby said,
Dumb. Though I do like HSPA+. I would almost rather have that than LTE because of battery life issues. LTE should have been delayed until they had it supporting data....urgh.

I can't speak for other phones but the LTE Lumia 900 gets solid battery life from everything i've read. LTE is fine as long as your phone does it right and doesn't drain your battery away fast.