Target: An additional 70 million people may be affected by recent security breaches

Target, the popular US retailer is under heavy fire once again as it discloses further security breaches that have exposed its customers’ credit cards and personal information.

You might remember that just before the end of last year, Target disclosed that it had been hacked and up to 40 million credit cards had been compromised by the breach. Things could only get better from there, right? Wrong. The retailer has now disclosed than an addition 70 million folks may have had their personal information stolen from the company’s database.

While there is some overlap with the original 40 million credit cards that were exposed, this latest disclosure shows that there are a lot more people at risk than originally thought. These 70 million individuals may have had their e-mail addresses, names, mailing addresses and  phone numbers stolen.

Target is quick to explain that no new credit cards have been compromised and that in fact this is not a new breach but rather an older one exposed by the recent investigation. Most of this stolen data is only “partial” but the company says it will try to contact as many of its clients as it can to warn them against possible fraud attempts.

"I know that it is frustrating for our guests to learn that this information was taken, and we are truly sorry they are having to endure this," Chief Executive Gregg Steinhafel said. The company also added that its customers will have “zero liability” for any fraudulent activity that may result from these security breaches.

Target has seen a decline in sales following the recent disclosures and its CFO, John Mulligan, explained that the company’s priority now is to take care of its customers and make them feel secure shopping there once again.

The company is continuing its investigation into the recent security breach alongside the US Secret Service and a forensic unit from Verizon.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Target Store image via Shutterstock

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The day the news of the hack broke I had predicted that they'd release info about number of users affected in batches, and looks like I was right on the money. The only question is whether they did it deliberately (don't discount this possibility) or it's just taking them so long to figure it all out.

One just has to wonder how seriously they take security. I used to work for Microsoft as a Platform Performance Specialist (high end tech support) we would get calls from Walmart about various issues. I hated Walmart support calls because their IT staff is the most anal retentive group on Earth. However, after all this stupidity with Target, I have a great appreciation for how seriously Walmart takes security.

Ficman said,
SURE would hate to be their guy in charge of Data security...

Errr former guy

Maybe they never had a guy in the first place.

#Michael said,
No...information on 70M people. This article is wrong. Completely misleading title. It's click bait.

Yea it seems poorly worded.

Talk about click bait. It is not an additional 70 million CC numbers taken but up to 70 million. Try fact checking next time. I realize it is still a hugely bad number but it is still worth checking facts.

Per NBC News: "The massive credit card heist at Target stores across the country was nearly twice as large as previously revealed, with the retailer saying 70 million customers were hit -- making it one of the largest security breaches of its kind."

WSJ: "Target Now Says 70 Million People Hit in Data Breach
Previous Update Had 40 Million Accounts Affected; Retailer Says News Hurt Holiday Sales"
Per your source:

"The company said those 70 million people were separate from the approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts previously reported as compromised, though there was some overlap." This is from the original source. Had you read the article you would've noticed that that's exactly what I said. And the 70 million figure doesn't apply to CCs which you seem to have misunderstood but rather refers to people who had personal data stolen - emails, phone numbers, mailing addresses and phone numbers. Thank you for your input! where in any article does it say that 110 million cc was stolen.

From NBC News: "The company said Friday that as part of its ongoing probe it found that some customer information, apart from the 40 million payment card accounts previously disclosed, was stolen during the data breach. It said this is not a new breach."

From CNN: "The data breach at Target was significantly broader than originally reported: The company said Friday that 70 million customers had information such as their name, address, phone number and e-mail address hacked in the breach."


It is called fact checking. Do some of it. Click bait.

#Michael said, where in any article does it say that 110 million cc was stolen.

Nowhere did he say 110 credit card numbers were stolen. He says 40 Million credit card numbers were stolen along with an additional 70 million people's emails and stuff stolen. For a combined loss of information of some sorts of 110 million.

The contention is with the words "an additional 70 million". I do agree it is bad wording. Perhaps the words "an additional" should be removed, and the article title adjusted to say something along the lines of "70 million ... affected by new breach"

That's why you're supposed to refuse the cashier when they ask if you want to join their rewards program or apply for the credit card etc..

Izlude said,
That's why you're supposed to refuse the cashier when they ask if you want to join their rewards program or apply for the credit card etc..

Sad thing is that sometimes the employees job is tied to getting that information. My wife used to work at cost plus world market and she was told that if she couldn't get at least 10 people to sign up for the rewards program or the credit card she'd be in trouble, possibly fired.

I think that's absolute bull****, one if I want to sign up for a credit card I'm not going to do it in store. I'll go home, research and then sign up. Same thing with your ****ing rewards program. If you keep asking me, I'll just stop going to your store. Not to mention if I got hired there and found out that was the rule, I'd be telling my boss to literally go **** him/herself and quit immediately.