TechSpot: Get the Most Out of Your Google Search

With Bing slowly but steadily rising in popularity Google is facing more pressure than ever to rejuvenate the search experience it has to offer. Sure, they still hold a clearly dominant share of the market at about 64.6% (versus 19.3% for its closest rival, Yahoo), but then again Google has proven to know better than to just rest on its laurels.

Over the years, the Mountain View-based company has been enhancing its search engine not only to provide quality and relevant results, but also let users be more particular about their searches with dozens of special features and operators. Despite this, I am willing to bet that most people just use the vanilla search as is.

Fair enough. I mean Google is supposed to be easy to use, so why complicate it? Well, for starters, these functions are meant save you a lot of time and effort. I'm sure the more inquisitive of you know all about the basics, like quoting your searches to find exact matches, and then some -- but that's truly just the tip of the iceberg. Today we'll be highlighting some of our favorite Google search tricks.

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I agree that Google's simplicity is what makes it so amazing but it would be nice to see a new take on their basic search engine. Bing's visual search was a nice idea (not sure how it will last in the long term) but it would be great if Google could bring out a new idea which would just blow everyone else out the water.

Bing search results are pretty much useless compared to google.

Microsoft is relying on their long held philosophy "if you can't make it good, make it look good"

Also everyone know Microsoft never get anything right until it has reached version 3, so one down, two more to go.

If 1 considers Windows XP as M$'s "pinnacle" of achievement [Win7 is not officially out yet], they only got it right in version 5, and they took ~ 20 years to do it.

Always used a lot of the advanced features in Google such as calculator and tracking numbers but never knew about the conversion calculator. Props for that Neowin!

ruxx said,
Wow, google is under pressure and if they don't act fast, Bing will cause them some big trouble....

lol Don't worry yourself too much. I know dozens upon dozens of people who have tried 'Bing' at least once, like I have, but they, as I did, just go back to the simplicity of Google. I genuinely don't know of anyone personally who has stuck with it as their main search engine. I don't think Google need to worry too much, as much as the Microsofties would love to pretend otherwise.

And yes, I know, I know, put your flame-guns down... My friends and I are not exactly a realistic indicator of accurate or even meaningful figures, but we are all just average users, which is what Bing needs to be trying to capture the attention of.

ruxx said,
Wow, google is under pressure and if they don't act fast, Bing will cause them some big trouble....

Uh, Bing actually dropped slightly in popularity the last month according to StatCounter. While Google gained.

Worldwide stats for perspective:

North American stats:

European stats:

Bing Slows in Race against Google

Yes, typing in a search query in Google is SO MUCH simpler than typing it in Bing. There's no pretty picture to distract you.

So much simpler.