TechSpot: Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 Tablet Review

Microsoft’s answer to the changing computing landscape is Windows 8, an operating system that attempts to balance the demands of traditional productivity-oriented desktops with the mobility of, well, mobile devices. Results have been mixed thus far as desktop users have complained about the ‘unnecessary’ user interface (formerly the Metro UI) while Microsoft’s pure tablet implementation - Windows RT – is limited in the software it can run.

But while Windows 8 might fall short on those two platforms, there’s a third category where it seems to fit in just perfectly – hybrids. When you think about it, hybrids are the optimal home for Windows 8 as both aspects of the operating system are in use and get to shine as they were designed to.

That brings us to today as we have Acer’s Iconia W510 hybrid up for review. The system is officially marketed as a net-tablet although the included keyboard dock essentially transforms the unit into a full-fledged PC – no Windows RT here, folks. What you’re getting here is the full Windows experience just like you would have on a traditional desktop or notebook.

Read: Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 Tablet Review

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It's made by Acer, the loudest crybaby OEM that likes to hate on Windows 8, they also make really trashy computers = so automatic no buy.

pgn said,
It's made by Acer, the loudest crybaby OEM that likes to hate on Windows 8, they also make really trashy computers = so automatic no buy.

Looks like someone didnt read the OP/review. Review gave the build quality great marks and looks like someone else below has this Acer model commented on the quality of the build as well. I do agree that post Acer products didnt get such good reviews on quality.

I really hate that the KB flips face down. Annoyance I have with the Surface as well. Chances of keys wearing down and popping off increases that way.

With the Surface you can flip the keyboard around and have the keys facing upwards when flipped behind the screen.

efjay said,
With the Surface you can flip the keyboard around and have the keys facing upwards when flipped behind the screen.

Yea, but you have to remove the KB to do so. No ideal for every situation. Also, I do not like that the screen doesnt stay propped up so its hard to use the tablet with the KB on some surfaces. Other than that, I really like the surface.

prettyconfusd said,
Oh, I was concerned about this too but it's been designed so the keyboard never touches the ground even when it's in stand mode.

Ahh, cool. I missed that. Thanks

I was considering getting this one. It's incredibly cheap (400 euros including keyboard) and I especially like how it comes with lots of battery life. But I didn't like the look of it too much (especially the keyboard and the way the tablet is connected to it). And when Acer started to b*tch about Windows 8 I decided to not get it and wait for the Surface to release in my country.

After reading the review, looks like Acer is getting better. The build quality got high marks which before, and on past product reviews, it didnt. Looks to have a great display and battery life as well.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the W510, I've had one for about two weeks and I love it!

It's really well made, very sturdy, and the screen really is gorgeous. It's also as light as an iPad so it's perfect for carrying with me.

Obviously, power-wise it doesn't hold a candle to an i3 or i5/i7 performance wise it's very snappy for most things. Obviously the metro environment runs very well but so does the desktop. Office 2013 loads quickly and works fine and I've run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and InDesign CS6 from the Adobe suite with no problems.

Photoshop and Dreamweaver actually start up pretty quickly, which I found surprising. InDesign took a while to load but once it did I was able to make a bunch of flyers (and have Photoshop open at the same time for image editing) for print (so not small files) with no problems or delays. It was actually kind of a revelation.

The only thing missing is a Wacom stylus but hopefully Microsoft will be adopting the Adonit APIs soon so we can use their very cool capacitive styli.

Considering how loudly Acer have been complaining about Windows 8 they've put out some brilliant machines. The W5 is great, I'm very impressed by the W7 and the S7 ultrabook is gorgeous. They're also priced well too. The only problem is that it's so difficult to get hold of them in the UK and nigh impossible to actually get to see one in a store.

TechSpot should also consider reviewing the Iconia W700. I must say it left me very impressed, and apparently Acer got it quite right on the whole lineup of their W8 tablets

I bought one at Launch back in November/December
IT is AWESOME.. and I'm not really a Acer fan.. It's light and has incredible battery life.. I wish it had a full size USB slot but it's nice they included the cable to convert from Micro USB to Full USB.. but it's just another cable to lose..
I also have a Surface RT.. while I like the Surface RT.. I carry this unit around to the jobsite.. it's very light without the keyboard dock and great for general IT tasks.

have both,this and surfacert,comparison between the 2

battery life=pretty much the exact same

acer; x86 compatibility, faster
surface rt: better gpu

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