TechSpot: AMD Radeon HD 6990 Review - Dual-GPU Power

AMD introduced its first Radeon HD 6000 graphics card last October with the mid-range Radeon HD 6870. Since then AMD opened up to show its GPU roadmap and the cards that soon thereafter were coming to market.

The high-end Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 also arrived late last year, while the dual-GPU version of AMD's last generation graphics series code-named Antilles was expected to arrive shortly after. Coincidentally (or not) both AMD and Nvidia took a few months longer than expected to show its hardcore dual-GPU graphics cards, with the former making the first move to finally unveil the Radeon HD 6990.

We are certainly looking forward to see what AMD has in store for us with this dual-GPU monster.

Read: AMD Radeon HD 6990 Review: Sumptuous Dual-GPU Power

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For 700$, this should have a more realistic cooling solution. AnandTech have measured the noise it produces at 77db under load and overclocked. If I had that kind of money for a graphics card, I'd at least wait for water-cooled custom designs.

About the noise Issues, If and when I get one I will be conducting some tests on it.

Part of that will be dismantling the ducts and fan assembly to find the source of the "noise"

GFX cards are usually fairly easy to mod as far as cooling goes... there are always exceptions though. I think a redesigned duct and fan setup might work, maybe even mini liquid cooling? haha

Lord Venom said,
590 will most likely perform better than the 6990.

Fermi architecture is still hotter then ATIs new design (and of course also the old one)...nVidia will use two underclocked GTX570 GPUs and there is no chance to get at the same performance level with those GPUs...if they use anything faster they can be as fast or faster then ATI but the card will also be louder and use more power...

Jose_49 said,

Dont't think so...

The 590 it looks like will be based off two hand picked GF110 cores (same used in the 580). It'll basically be two 580s on one PCB downclocked to run within voltage limits. I'd expect the 590 to be between 10 to 30% faster than the 6990 but we'll see on March 22nd. The battle looms between the 590 and the 6990... my gut feeling is to put your money on the 590 versus the 6990.

That said, the 6990 looks to be one fantastic card though.

CGar said,
Techspot didn't seem to do a noise test. This card is REALLY loud, like really really really loud.

You're completely right about that... why don't they ever do a noise test? After seeing the specs of a card, that's the second thing I look for before I even look at performance.

Finally something that can max out Metro 2033 @ good framerates?

$700 MSRP though lol, I'd rather save $400 and get dual GTX 460s or something (and not have a GPU that will set fire to the atmosphere and/or be louder than a hair dryer).

TrOjAn. said,
Time for a new graphics card

You may want to buy some ear plugs too. This card is the loudest ever tested on all the reviews I read.