TechSpot: AMD Radeon HD 7990 Review, Dual GPU Comeback

The current generation AMD GPU series collectivelly known as "Southern Islands" were released over a year ago, with the beginning of its rollout in January 2012. Sixteen months later, the Radeon HD 7000 series is still very much relevant, as AMD continues to release new models under the same GPU family.

Still AMD feels they need to offer an ultra-expensive graphics card as well and therefore today they are releasing the Radeon HD 7990. Although it's been over a year since they launched the Radeon HD 7970, we are just getting an official dual-GPU version, in truth they have been around for some time. Products such as the PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990 6GB, HIS Radeon HD 7970 6GB IceQ X2 and Asus ROG Ares II have been doing the rounds for quite a while now.

The Radeon HD 7990 it takes a pair of 7970 GPUs with overclocked cores (from 925MHz to 1000MHz), while boosting the GDDR5 memory from 1375MHz to 1500MHz. These clock speeds happen to match the 7970 GHz Edition, though the 7990 doesn’t feature a Boost clock, so we feel the GPUs are better compared to the standard 7970.

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what we're not screaming useless irrelevnt garbage like the AMD CPU 5ghz story a little while back ?

and boy what i would give for a "too old GTX 690" lol

don't think i have had an ATI card since my AGP x1650 by HIS with an Arctic Cooler VGA silenecer on it, since then i have been an Nvidia guy all the way.

What i wonder from those pictures is the multi fan systems very effective ?
Assuming it exhausts outside the case (some don't)
I have a single fan standard Nvidia Ref design on my card which happens to be a clone of the style i mentioned on my super old ati card.

Not really that great of a comeback if it's just several percent better than already all too old GTX 690. I even expected more. Is AMD slipping here as well?
It will hold for some time, but come June GTX 780 will probably prove to be a better investment.

Neowin and Techspot does different things, the former covering MS/Windows news and the latter being professionally focused on 3D tech, each from the very beginning. Partnership exists solely because Julio Franco here is also the very founder of Techspot (hey, whaddya know!)
It's probably fun to branch out, but it's not very wise to do without a clear direction. See NeoGamr and how that didn't end quite well.
Neowin would have big hurdles to overcome - not having the reputation among manufacturers to get review samples ahead of release (GPUs being the most expensive part a PC can have), not having a testbed (also a huge investment) and, lastly, base numbers to compare against.

Yeah, I went back to nVidia last year and have to say it's been better across the board...still want AMD to be more than relevant though, competition is good.

Coming back and forth from amd and Nvidia I totally understand the frame latency now, it's pretty obvious on amd in most games. The new drivers that Nvidia release yesterday supposed to push fps in popular games even more

...Which is being supposedly addressed (didn't say completely resolved) with the new drivers coming out shortly that were "accidentally" mentioned on a few sites. Not that you intentionally left that out or anything.