TechSpot: Building Your Own NAS - Silverstone DS380 Chassis Tested, Reviewed

While more common today than ever, network-attached storage (NAS) devices aren't quite mainstream yet. Although Synology and QNAP have become recognized brands with products ranging from $150 to $3,000, the lower end of that bracket will only get you a sluggish single-bay model and if you want four bays or more -- as most of you likely do -- we're talking north of $500. Mind you, that's before installing hard drives.

Naturally, that cash buys a purpose-built box which installs fast, runs quiet, sips power and saves space, at least compared to repurposing an old PC, yet the inner DIYer in us is itching to build a NAS.

Silverstone's latest chassis is unlike anything we have seen. Although it's still a computer case, it isn't designed for gaming or even workstations. The DS380 is aimed directly at users who are building their own NAS.

Read:Building Your Own NAS - Silverstone DS380 Chassis Tested, Reviewed
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Looks cool but over powered and over priced. For less then the cost of the motherboard pickup a Mediasonic H82-SU3S2 $260 and a Android box $100 with a USB 3 or E-SATA port and your good to go for less then the cost of the motherboard alone.

The mobo they used is ridiculously overpriced\overpowered an actual 400$ mini-itx server board ? I guess they needed the 8 sata ports.

Any PC + HP P400 = Enterprise grade storage (RAID 6 with BBU Cache) with up to 8 drives.

eh, if I'm going to start spending $600+ to build a NAS device before drives, I'll just buy a Synology system first