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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve no doubt seen the Cooler Master Cosmos II online or perhaps at your local hardware retailer or LAN party (although I pity the person responsible for lugging this heavyweight anywhere outside of their house). Cooler Master showcased what they call the 'Ultra Tower' at this year's CES and we've been anxious to get it on the test bench ever since to see if it lives up to the hype.

With support for up to 13 hard drives and a total weight of nearly 50 pounds without any hardware installed, this is probably the largest case I've ever worked with in over 10 years of reviewing computer hardware.

Starting at the front, we see that Cooler Master hides the front drive bays with a hydraulic-style door that slides up and down. The door locks in the top position but pushing it barely past the "breaking point" initiates a slow downward fall of the door. And when I say slow, that's exactly what I mean... if it drops at all.

One of the coolest things about this case is how the side panels operate. Rather than unscrewing and lifting off like you'd find with most full tower systems, Cooler Master has implemented a neat hinge system that allows the door to open up backwards (think suicide doors on a car).

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OMG this is going on my list of cases to upgrade to on my next build... I must admit, I have been building my own rigs for over 15 years now and this has to be one of the first I have seen with a dual hinged door. I just went weak at the knees... I just seen this priced at £334.00 that is expensive for a chassis. Although my last chassis was...? £144.00 but double the price, I would have to do some serious researching before I paid this much for a chassis. I'll wait for some more reviews and then decide. Knowing me I'll buy it, but £334.00 is an insane price.

At this price it doesnt make sense, you should just get teh Lian Li 2120 which is all smooth aluminum and has better cooling. Everything has filters for easy cleaning and can hold 12 HD's and four GFX no problemo. Also it supports HPTX should your motherbaord picking go crazy.

I have 3x i7 builds in my house with 3x Lian Li 2120 (black) and I can say it much better for the price but this still looks solid should you not like Lian Li.

I have this case. It is by far, the best care EVER made. I can't imagine any other manufacturer coming remotely close to matching the features and quality of this thing for years to come. I also had the original Cosmos 1000, and that case lasted me about 6 years, Because of the extra airflow from all of the fans and extra room, all of my hardware temps dropped a good 10 degrees. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!