TechSpot: Duke Nukem Forever GPU & CPU Performance Test

The Duke Nukem franchise has deep roots in PC gaming history. The trash-talking action hero made his debut some two decades ago in 1991 on MS-DOS followed by a sequel (Duke Nukem II) in 1993. Three years later, Duke Nukem 3D took the industry by storm. Armed with cigars, a mean flattop and a badass quip for every situation, Duke captivated gamers. I was just 13 years old at the time and I recall loving every minute of Duke Nukem 3D.

As noted in news coverage around the web, console reviews have been harsh, with the PC version doing a bit better. However in the last two days its metascore has gone from 76 to 57, with latter reviews giving the game a beating. If anything Duke Nukem Forever's long history of controversy will not rest for now.

But as usual this review is less about DNF's gameplay and more about showing you how the game runs on a broad spectrum of today's (and yesterday's) PC hardware. Considering it was built with a modified version of the very much dated Unreal Engine 2.5, it's fair to assume that DNF won't be crippling Nvidia's GTX 590 -- in fact, we didn't even bother to include it this time. Instead, we've focused on budget to mid-range graphics products and a few integrated solutions.

Read: Duke Nukem Forever Performance Test

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I don't think this game was optimized well and actually runs a bit poor.

I have two GTX 460's in SLI and I get dips/lag down to 25 - 30 FPS and then it goes back up to around 60 FPS. Performance and framerates are unstable with this game it seems, I have much better looking games that run about the same or better than this game.

Beyon_Godlike said,
It looked okay, would have shocked me maybe 4 years ago..MAYBE

Too bad i got bored quickly and couldnt bare to play it any longer...

Me too. This game is tedious and i don't think that i will finish it (is it long?). The graphics are ok but the whole game is mediocre at best.

Doesn't really look at all that bad when maxed out. More or less a game from 2004/06. I'd say it matches Prey in terms of graphical prowess.

It's useful information for anyone with an old PC. Better than umpteen trillion written reviews of the game that all say the same thing; it's no good a game being brilliant if the person reading the review can't play it on their PC.

Call me wrong on this but I feel it was a bad idea to port this game to consoles, since most of the people looking forward to it have game capable pc's and console players don't know much about the character. Going multi-platform to reach a broader audience may have backfired in this instance.

I can't say I'm surprised by the metascore, I personally bottled it at the last moment and didn't buy it. I will buy it at some point but from the looks of things it might not run that great on my old machine.
On the up side, its here, its finished, its Duke - Hail to the King!