TechSpot: Google Reader Dies Monday, Here Are The Best Alternatives

With Google Reader nearing its imminent death, a race to build the perfect alternative for the service's refugees has been taking shape over the last few weeks. Even though there are dozens of alternatives already out there, if you care about cross-platform compatibility and synchronization across different devices for things like read and favorited items, then your options are a little more limited than you'd imagine.

Google feels RSS is no longer as important as it used to considering how the average internet user receives his fix of interesting links and news via social networks -- most of the time not through their social network, though.

But for millions of professionals that need that constant stream of information, from manually selected sources rather than algorithms or shared links, RSS is a big deal. Journalists, bloggers, programmers, researchers, students, tech savvy people, among others, fall into this group. It's a niche product, but still a big niche.

Read: Last Call: Google Reader Dies Monday, Here Are The Best Alternatives

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Commenting is disabled on this article. is the best i tried all alternates and inoreader beats all of them
after that i liked g2reader

the worst thing newsblur did is that he increased premium from 1$ to 2$ the day googlerader shutdown news broke

old reader slow

commafeed does not gets all feeds
even aol and digg reader failed to impress me
netvibes/bloglines not good

Baffling why Feedly is the top alternative. For me it relies of Google Reader for login data and feeds so from Monday it will have to run with

TRC said,
A Google reader is going to die on Monday? I'm going to quit reading stuff from Google then!

Im sure google will not be hurt by your decision

IE is a good RSS reader. It just needs an option to sync feeds across devices although you can set up the %localappdata%\Microsoft\Feeds folder to sync using any 3rd party app.

Agreed. I like to organize the feeds in folders, put them in the Favorites Bar and look at the headlines (the unread ones are always bold) - it's way faster to find what I really want to read this way.

Yeah, I went with NewsBlur also. They've really improved it a lot over the past several months. Both the web interface and the mobile app work great now.