TechSpot Holiday Gift Guide 2007

With a few more weeks remaining before Christmas, there should still be plenty of time to buy gifts for your loved ones or significant other as well as for catching good offers on whatever geeky stuff you see fit.

Now, as you can imagine the TechSpot holiday gift guide is not your standard catalog-esque gift guide but one aimed at technology lovers and PC aficionados. So, dads, brothers, husbands and sons, feel free to share this useful list with the rest of the family so they can get you something you actually want, or use it to guide yourself through the load of tech products available these holidays.

View: TechSpot Holiday Gift Guide 2007

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"You don't need to be an Apple fanboy or even like the Cupertino-based company to admit the iPhone is way sexy"

I'm sorry but if you are so turned on by a phone that you call it "way sexy" then you should really consider getting out of your basement or garage and start interacting with human beings.

Indeed - evidentally the person who posted this must be a) held in guantanamo (sp) then b) deported to all western countries under the charge of failing to provide adequate links, and journalistic ineptitude.

Seriously this a big deal...I'd guess most people would be able to decipher the link, whilst heavily cryptic I grant you (!!)