TechSpot: Max Payne 3 Performance Tested, Benchmarked

If you've been a gamer for at least a decade, then you will recognize Max Payne as the PC third-person shooter of the early 2000s. Notable for its film noir style and use of the bullet time effect (The Matrix), Max Payne's character went on to surpass anyone's expectations with several console ports, a sequel, and a feature film adaptation in 2008.

Shortly after that, Max Payne 3 was announced and it's been in the works at Rockstar Studios since. The original game was developed by finnish developer Remedy Entertainment and published by the now defunct 3D Realms. Max Payne 3 promises exciting gameplay and impressive graphics, marking the return of bullet time in action sequences, while retaining the shoot-dodge mechanic from previous titles.

It's been hinted that Max Payne 3 will make the most of current high-end PCs, with DirectX 11 tessellation compatibility and "advanced graphics options" available to PC players. So with that in mind let’s take a look at the test setup and then get into the results. Make sure you check out our visual tour comparing DX9 through DX11 graphics.

Read: Max Payne 3 Graphics and CPU Performance Tested, DirectX 11 Showcased

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to add to my above post...

well i finished the game and there is another glitch in it later into the game when you have to board the train, well the entrance to the train seems to close somewhat to where it's impossible to board the train and it seemed to do it fairly often to so i ended up trying to rush that general area and get on the train a bit quicker and then it was fine after that.

so basically as far as serious glitches in the game i encountered two of them.... the one earlier in the game and then the one described here. but luckily they can be worked around basically by reloading game in the case of the first one or getting into the train quicker in case of the 2nd one.

the game runs pretty good for me and my setup is nothing fancy, especially in the GPU dept.

My Specs...

CPU = i3-2120 (they should have tested this as i am sure it will beat (most of) AMD's quad cores even though it's only dual core as in general tests i have seen this CPU beats nearly all (maybe all?) of AMD's CPU's in gaming)
GPU = Radeon 5670 512MB (in NVIDIA terms... it's pretty much almost as fast as Geforce 9800GT or noticeably better than the Geforce 8800 line of cards and it sips power as it runs from the motherboard power)
RAM = 8GB (but anyone with 8GB of RAM will never have issues with games)
Mobo = ASUS P8H61-M LX Plus Rev3.0

i got basically the graphics on 'high' in DX11 mode @ 1920x1080 and my performance is well within playable levels as i don't have trouble aiming although on certain levels with a lot of action on screen with explosions etc the frame rate you can tell takes a noticeable hit but overall it's a pretty solid experience and never comes down to a crawl to where it's any real issue.

i have not checked my exact frame rate but i am sure more often than not it's more than good enough although like i was saying above it does drop somewhat low here and there if the action is pretty heavy but even during those times it never comes to a crawl as like i was saying i can still aim without the frame rate effecting me to any noticeable degree and many times in the game the frame rate is pretty smooth.

also, once in a while the game will crash/freeze my system (it's did it about 2-3 times so far and once the game itself crashed but it's not bad considering i spent many hours (probably 12+ hours) on it so far) but it's typically not a issue and early in the game i had a pretty big glitch as i could not get threw a doorway which i needed to to get progress. but i just exited the game and reloaded it and it was fine after that. also, the sound is generally in sync but i seen it get out of sync a bit once. but overall the game runs pretty well and no show stopper glitches so far as i am not finished with the game but i am on Chapter 10+ and the game has 14 chapters, so i am through a larger chunk of the game.

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