TechSpot: OCZ Agility EX 60GB SLC SSD Review

OCZ is showing strong commitment to be at the forefront of SSD technology. Over the past year the company has released nearly a dozen different series targeting every possible market, from affordable netbook oriented products to enterprise-grade solid state drives for servers and data warehouses.

They have had a great deal of success with multi-level cell (MLC) drives such as the Vertex we reviewed a few months ago. At the other side of the spectrum, single-level cell (SLC) solid state drives tend to sell for more outrageous prices.

OCZ has been working on making this technology a bit kinder on your bank account. Their latest 2.5" consumer drive is known under the Agility EX moniker, and is touted as the most cost-efficient SSD based on single-level cell memory with a cost per gigabyte at around $6.65 -- or 40% less than the Vertex EX and other similarly equipped SLC solid state drives.

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So in summary they say don't bother with this, buy a fast MLC SSD instead as there's not enough difference in performance to warrant the high price.

Jose_49 said,
It's a step for SSDs. But is still very expensive, and it doesn't have that big size of memory

People need to stop comparing them to conventional hard drives when it comes to size, these things should be used for operating system and programs, then put your libraries onto a second drive.

It will be the best upgrade anybody does to any computer, they make your computer absolutely fly.

The "it's not large enough" comment comes up with every new SSD, but most laptops offer drive bay adapters to add an extra hard drive in place of the optical drive. Some come with 2 hard drives standard. Desktop users don't have to worry about space for drives at all. I don't know about you, but I would be more than wiling to get rid fo my optical drive for an extra hard drive. It's hardly used.