TechSpot: Palit GTX 780 Super JetStream, Titan-like performance for less

A few months after releasing its $1,000 heavyweight, Nvidia unveiled a slightly cut down version as the GTX 780, which still features 7.1 billion transistors and a 384-bit bus though fewer stream processors and TAUs -- changes that made the card around 14% slower and 35% cheaper than the GTX Titan.

Traditionally, AMD and Nvidia board partners have boosted the performance of most GPUs by 5-10% via overclocking, so we fully expected one of them to take a stab at closing the meager 14% gap separating the GTX 780 and Titan. Palit has answered the bell with its GTX 780 Super JetStream, which is clocked 14% higher than usual at 980MHz with a 1033MHz boost, up from 863MHz and 902MHz.

We've only previously seen water-cooled GTX 780 cards pushed this far, while most air-cooled solutions have maxed out at around 960MHz, at least as far as factory overclocking has been concerned. However the GTX 780 Super JetStream is no ordinary graphics card, as its massive heatsink and three large fans keep its core cool when under stress -- a solution that allows the card to outpace the Titan, Palit says.

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Palit: never again. Never.
Bought a Palit AMD card 2 years ago, only to received it DOA; after returning to the store i waited for a new one, only to arrive again DOA. This happened 2 more times (4 cards DOA!), after that i made a formal complaint to the store to demand my money; that store (one of the largest in my country) stopped selling Palit branded cards after that (total time wasted expecting the card: 6 months). Also soon after that incident there was several reports of overheating and dieing Palit cards, had to do with the poor cooling solution they used on those cards.

I paid $650 on Amazon for the EVGA OC GTX780 with reference cooler. Through provided software, you can easily beat these numbers with it and kick in the fan to higher speeds as you see fit. I'm at 1010, 1100 and have bumped memory well beyond that. In other words you can OC these yourself no problem. I only went with the OC because the price was the same. Also, the reference cooler expels air out the back of your case, this looks to keep it inside, so you better have good cooling.

Loads perfect for me

Also from the review n_K....

"Assuming Palit doesn't go crazy with pricing (should be $50 or less premium over a standard-clocked GTX 780), this is a real winner if you're willing to go the extra mile in building your PC gaming rig."