TechSpot: The History of the Modern Graphics Processor

The evolution of the modern graphics processor begins with the introduction of the first 3D add-in cards in 1995, followed by the widespread adoption of the 32-bit operating systems and the affordable personal computer. The graphics industry that existed before that largely consisted of a more prosaic 2D, non-PC architecture, with graphics boards better known by their chip’s alphanumeric naming conventions and their huge price tags. 3D gaming and virtualization PC graphics eventually coalesced from sources as diverse as arcade and console gaming, military, robotics and space simulators, as well as medical imaging.

While 3D graphics turned a fairly dull PC industry into a light and magic show, they owe their existence to generations of innovative endeavour. Over the next few weeks TechSpot will be taking an extensive look at the history of the GPU, going from the early days of 3D consumer graphics, to the 3Dfx Voodoo game-changer, the industry's consolidation at the turn of the century, and today's modern GPGPU.

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I'm buying this tomorrow! Do you think I will have almost full performance on a PCI-E 2.0 system but with good specs like core i7-2600k?

haha 3dfx cards Thought I wasn't that old, but I guess I am.
One of my first 'proper' 3d games of Quake or Indy 500 and a 4,5gb hard drive. windows 95.

I remember i got voodoo 2 for quake 2 Yeah its amazing like Teebor said.

(edit: of course for quake 1 as well but its late)

Not a gamer here at all, but remember the cards you 2 above me posted about.

Have never noticed anything really radically different on any computer I've ever upgraded a graphics card on either. Total waste of money, for me anyway, to ever bother upgrading one of those again!

I remember ALL those card... They forgot about Hercule! Yes, before CGA, I used to use a computer with a Hercule mono display.

I guess I'm old....

I remember the ATI Wonder cards, wow I'm old

I also remember getting my first Voodoo GFX card, that thing was amazing