TechSpot: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and other messaging clients compared

Mobile messaging is huge in tech right now and consolidation is coming fast, as evidenced by the recent acquisition of Viber for $900 million and WhatsApp for a jaw-dropping $19 billion in cash and stock. At the heart of it all is the attractiveness of their user base; in the case of WhatsApp, the service is on the path to connect 1 billion people, and with higher engagement than Facebook itself it was a key move to dominate the mobile space.

Messaging is not only among the top activities on smartphones (if not THE top activity), messaging apps are increasingly seen as social networks. After all people use them to send each other texts, videos, photos and other content either one-on-one or as a group. Sounds familiar, right?

While WhatsApp is an international phenomenon, it still isn’t as big a deal in the US. It’s also purposely light on features due to a “no ads, no games, no gimmicks” policy. But as it is with any hot trend, there’s no shortage of alternatives. TechSpot has posted a side-by-side feature comparison for today’s top contenders this side of the globe, followed by some notes on each company’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to give you some perspective on where they stand.

Read: Mobile Messaging Clients Compared

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Hangouts is very decent and has a Hangouts for SMS feature which delivers messages free via SMS if you have no wifi/cellular internet connectivity. Also that article doesn't seem to cover group video calling which is free on Hangouts.

Hangouts should be much better than it is. If it was implemented the same way Apple do iMessage I wouldn't bother with WhatsApp. Sadly in it's current form it's just easier to use WhatsApp. Personally, I blame Google+ as they use this for authentication rather than the users phone number.

I'd use hangouts if it was removed from google+. off course google wants to force its failed social network on everything which is why I have been leaving their products as they are increasingly impossible to use by themselves.

the other day gmail wanted me to create a drive account just to view a PDF. FU google.

Yeaaa..... No Skype yet Google Hangouts is there?
WHY do we bother reading articles so inherently skewed ;P

Neowin should be ashamed

dingl_ said,
Neowin should be ashamed

This is done by techspot as it quite clearly states, it's featured on neowin but other than that has nothing to do with neowin.

It should cover the top, Skype comes before Hangouts...
Oh so Top contenders are not so much top contenders... I get it, no wait I don't

Yusuf M. said,
You obviously didn't read the article. The author stated that the goal wasn't to cover every messaging app out there.

yes but neglecting skype is like writing a book about big cats and neglecting to mention the lion while paying lip service to an unknown animal like the Amur Leopard which like google's messaging service, its so rare, it may just be extinct...