TechSpot: Why Users Uninstall Apps

Getting an app developed is just the first step in a long journey. One of the more daunting problems facing developers is user engagement; basically, how to get users to install apps and keep them installed. It’s difficult to keep users satisfied beyond that initial app install, and it can be even more difficult to get meaningful exposure in the first place against larger companies that offer a lot of apps that tend to get space on those Top Ten lists.

A simple uninstall is not necessarily a bad thing, neither does it necessarily indicate that there’s a problem. There’s a catch-22 situation here; is it better to have an app that is completely ignored by the majority of users, or is it better to have an app that is apparently so non-user-friendly that it’s uninstalled immediately?

Apps that don’t offer anything helpful or unique tend to be the ones that are uninstalled the most frequently. People cycle through apps incredibly quickly to find the one that best fits their needs. Engagement and retention are two very different things...

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Apps that burn through my phone battery in a few hours. I can get up to two days out of my phone with light to moderate use. Any app that runs in the background and chugs charge when I'm not even using it gets dumped very quickly.

Webapp - automatic delete. Then there's that are supposed to log into a service which doesn't work or has a painfully tedious signup process. Other than that it's a matter of "does it work well" and "is it useful".

Many apps feel like they were written to make a quick buck. Then "free" apps, especially games, have a bunch of in game purchases to further enhance the gaming experience and which will cost real money...hence not free. So I uninstall any game like that.

I also have a Skydrive, Drive, and Drop Box account. I do not have each individual app installed. I have one app that can handle all of those. I try to consolidate as much as I can,

Ads. We all hate them but appreciate the developer wants to make some money. Please please please release an optional paid version that is free of adds. You'll see me uninstall an app the same day I download it if it's ads are too in your face.
Most commonly though, if I don't use an app any more, why keep it installed?

1) when i feel scammed with the promise of features that never fulfilled, specially webapps.
2) Free games that are not quite for free and trend to be pretty expensive (Simpsons Tap Out for example)
3) Push ads applications.
4) Unstable apps.

Well, I never would install an app what I could get via the browser. Many Apps are just a website, useless for me.

I do too. I tend to leave their icon at the bottom of my main home screen to remind me that they are there and new and if I find myself never going for them or finding anything of use from them after a week or so, I uninstall.