TechSpot's Laptop Buying Guide - August 2008

It's not a secret, nor a surprise that laptop sales are soaring. People are constantly on the move and there is an ever increasing demand for their PCs to be equally mobile.

Just as purchasing a new desktop can feel overwhelming to the untrained eye, buying a new laptop tailored to your specific needs whilst remaining cost effective can seem virtually impossible with the sea of potential component combinations. Realizing this, we have analyzed the market and assembled a number of specification tables outlining the ideal components for the most in demand system types today:

* Desktop replacement notebooks
* Ultra-portable laptops
* Budget/Value-minded laptops

View: TechSpot Laptop Buying Guide - August 2008

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If I was in the market for an inexpensive laptop, I'd only get AMD. The reason being Puma is just amazing for integrated graphics gaming. Intel GMA 3100/4500 can't touch it.

(Airlink said @ #5.1)
So you wan to get a laptop that has an inferior CPU... so you can do gaming with it? :laugh:
Well let's see A Core 2 with the ****ty GMA 3100/4500 vs a CPU that is pretty good (AMD Turion), and an HD3200. Yep, I'll take AMD. I only play very old games and they're not too demanding, and AMD offers more performance for the price. The Turion is a very good processor, and it's only inferior on some tests compared to the C2D.

Hmm? Why do they think this way about AMD?

"It's worth noting that if you are working on an extremely tight budget, you may want to consider some of the AMD alternatives. By doing so, you will almost certainly drop the final cost of the laptop, however realize you will be buying "lesser" technology and the price drop is justified by the performance decrease."

Been debating on getting a laptop, but wife keeps asking me why when I have 6 desktops? Had 7 but sold one a while back.