TechSpot's PC Buying Guide: A Major Revamp

One pitfall of our previous buying guides and many others on the Web is that they expire shortly after publishing. Prices change daily, components come and go, and the guides simply degrade in worth until they're eventually rewritten a few months later. Recognizing this, we will be taking an alternative approach in our revamped PC Buying Guide.

From now on we will add and update new hardware to the mix as it's released. The guides will be entirely up-to-date on major product launches, and we'll make a biweekly pass over the components and their prices to catch anything in-between. We wholly welcome your support and input to keep this guide as fresh as possible.

The Budget Box ($500)
· Decent performance · Good for everyday computing · Gaming with add-on GPU

The Entry-Level Rig ($800)
· Good performance · Fast for everyday computing · Casual gaming

The Enthusiast's PC ($1,500)
· Excellent performance · Good Multitasker · Perfect for gaming

The Luxury System
· Workstation-like performance · Great for heavy multitasking · Extreme gaming

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These guides never heard of overclocking. They always recommend a Core i7 960 or 975 extreme even though you can hit the same speeds with a Core i7 920 (in most cases) while saving a huge amount of money. I guess if you need this guide you don't know how to overclock and therefore do need the 960.

so do people buy their pc overclocked?? wow thats awesome.... this is a buying guide not the i-can-buy-what-ever-i-want-and-overclock-it guide (y)

i find these good as they are A "GUIDE" and you can chop and change to upgrade or downgrade your pc to what you want...

sorry reading a bit of the guide i saw this: "We can't think of a better foundation for this system than Intel's Core i5 750. It's at the perfect price point for the average user and with a little tweaking you can meet or exceed the performance offered by the $590 Core i7 960. "
star hunter sorry to disappoint