Telstra confirms Windows Phone 7.8 for Lumia 800 in January, other devices later

Yesterday we were talking about the updates that Nokia pushed to some of their apps which now require users to update to Windows Phone 7.8. At the time this seemed to reveal that the long awaited update for older Windows Phone devices might be released really soon. O2 then went on record and officially stated that Windows Phone 7.8 would be released by the end of the month giving some solid evidence for the previous rumor.

Another carrier, Telstra, has now jumped on board and they have posted more detailed information on the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8. As you can see in the image above all devices are supposed to get the update but some will get it sooner rather than later. Nokia's Lumia 800 is the first device to get the update, the other ones being scheduled for later releases in February and March, with exact dates to be decided later.

This goes along with what we said earlier, that the update may be delayed on certain carriers. And to be fair O2's official statement yesterday was in regards to the Lumia 800 specifically.

We're happy these updates are coming though we can't help feel that they're too little too late at this point. Let us know how you folks feel below. 

Source and Image: WMPoweruser

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The greediness of Carriers, and OEMs, would be a golden opportunity for Microsoft.... if the company had a more aggressive and forward thinking Top echelon: produce a MS branded device, sell it unsubsidized, SIM free, and with guaranteed, timely updates. Such device would fly off the shelves and the growth of market share would also make MS bargain power stronger and stronger. Sure, such plan would, initially, struggle in the US, a market so deeply drugged by the carriers racket that will react slower than other, more mature ones but in the long terms the concept will wake up US consumers as well.

sinis said,
Lame , it is just like android.
Apple is the best.

They said it would come out after WP8... So it's nothing like Android. Updates never come out for that platform... Good grief! Lol

Not a big fan of Android, I have never had a device with such OS, but the OS is in the same boat of WP: at the mercy of OEM and carriers. Despite my personal, maybe irrational dislike for Apple, I have to admit that in this they are the best.

Happy to see my HTC Mozart on the list. A part of me feared it would be skipped as it was an unpopular launch model.

Mine is unbranded so hopefully I will see the update appear at the end of January.

At least this tells us that it's now done and out of Microsofts hands. The WP team should already be deep into the version 8.1 or 8.5 update now.

Can't wait. I am using WP8 now on the 8X, but my wife uses my HD7 and can't wait to get the update on it. Just hope it's before the end of February, as she will be getting a new phone then.