The new Microsoft Download Center

I've just noticed that a new beta website has started. The new Microsoft Download Center is going to be fully functional with Silverlight. Silverlight is the next generation of .NET based media experiences. More information on Silverlight can be found over at it's homepage.

When initially loading the website, you will be promt to install Silverlight. You have to have Silverlight installed to view the new download center. Apparently BETA participants are being invited randomly from the Microsoft Connect website. The design is very sleek, and sexy I should add. Other than that, the current download links on the BETA website forward you back to the current Download Center.

Hope to hear some official word on this BETA soon, in the mean time check it out!

Link: Microsoft Download Center BETA
Screenshot: Screenshot
News source: RebelSean's Blog
View: Neowin Discussion

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I was "randomly" offered it a week or two back - And let me say, it's REALLY buggy and slow. They've still got a lot to work out.

What the **** is going on with this new trend of putting little contrast on the font's colors and backgrounds? And all that glassy ****? Seriously: what the ****?
Maybe I'll use a script to browse.

Well obviously Adobe could not be the only one to provide us with a bloated slow non truly cross-platform plugin, MS needed to added their own

It sure seems very slow. I have to agree with the above comments. It's like the early days of Flash when all and sundry were using it just because it was there, without giving real thought as to where it could be best used, or if it was even needed in the first place. I appreciate that this is a Beta, but if that stands as an advert for Silverlight, then you can keep it thanks.

wow i do hope this doesnt replace windows update in one way or another , looks pointless and i agree with jugulator why on earth would you need to install silverlight , is this another attempt at microsoft to push their products on people for certain things ? seems all rather pointless


What can't be done in just something like AJAX here to avoid introducing plugin dependencies, if they want for example UI responsiveness?

I only see a combo box, button, two tables, and a bunch of links. :S Nothing of which I can imagine needs Siverlight. Why not save that for media-related and highly visual services? It's like using Flash to present a damn web form.