The Top of Live Search for 2006

From the Live Search Web Log: Live Search went live in 2006, and it has been a great year for us and our users searching the Web. With the year drawing to a close, we decided to put together lists of the top searches for 2006. These lists are the result of studying our anonymous logs for the most searched queries in all the countries and regions our users search from.

After putting together the list of the Top 10 searches for this year, we became curious about which queries gained the most popularity compared with last year. As you can see in the list of the top gainers from last year, the 2006 FIFA World Cup popularized some soccer related searches. Because soccer was so popular overall, we decided to see what else was popular in soccer searches in 2006.

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Top Search in 2006

Top Gainer in 2006:

Top Celeb search
Mariah Carey

Top news searches
Natalee Holloway

Top Product Search
digital camera

Top travel searches
Las Vegas

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I am talking about football, not that simplified version of rugby with added plastic called American Football.

Uhm Ronaldhino is currently the best football player on the planet, well to most fans of the sport anyway, so that result could be pretty accurate, but I'm sure these 'results' are highly sanitised

Quote - guylaroche said @ #1
And why would anybody search for those things?

Those searches don't correspond with Google, Yahoo & Lycos' searches. It's like MS lives in an alternate reality.

The top search in 2006 is "Ronaldinho"!? Where did they get these statistics? It must have been MS beta testers or something.