The TouchPad Lives!

HP's schizophrenic management is at it again; images of a new version of the TouchPad have shown up on the internet, Softpedia reports. Dubbed the HP TouchPad Go, it's a smaller, thinner reincarnation of its late big brother.

The photos, which first surfaced on the Chinese website Palm Joy, show a 7 inch tablet (compared to the original TouchPad's 10 inches) with a dedicated home button. According to Palm Joy, the tablet boasts 3G capability, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, 32GB of Sandisk storage, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera and 5-megapixel rear facing camera, complete with an LED flash. All of this is said to be complimented by a 1024 x 768 resolution screen.



There's a bit of debate on whether or not the device will actually see the light of day. According to Slash Gear, it's unlikely that we'll ever get our hands on one. On the other hand, Softpedia says that it will be released in the near future – in China. It also raises questions about the discussions HP recently engaged in regarding the sale of webOS.


The original TouchPad was launched on July 1st, with a heavy marketing campaign featuring celebrities, but it didn't make much of a splash in the iPad dominated market. Built on top of webOS, the operating system HP acquired from Palm in a 1.2 billion dollar acquisition in 2010, the tablet raised a few eyebrows when HP began offering it for $100 after they announced that they would be discontinuing the device. During that time, sales actually surpassed those of the iPad for a brief period, until the remaining stock was sold.


HP's suppliers ended up being left with a large amount of excess TouchPad components – perhaps just enough for a small production run of a 7-inch version.

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I honestly think that HP sold the Touchpads for that $99.00/$149.00 price to make some money and get people interested because they knew they didn't stand a chance against Apple and Samsung. The "We are no longer going to make HP Touchpads or WebOS" crap was just that...crap and 100% B.S. It was a market strategy to sell their pads. Now, after they sold all of their Touchpads, all of the sudden they changed their minds and will continue in the PC and tablet business? Come on, even a little kid can figure that one out. They fooled everybody.

perhaps it was all a business move by HP - tell the world that theyre getting out of the webos/touchpad/PC business, then stir the pot, drive up demand and magically get back in the business. remember how Coca-Cola did that in the 80s with New Coke?

Klethron said,
This article is a bit late. Engadget reported on the 7" TouchPad on Sept 19th.

Was about to say the same, title needs changing, it's well known they were working on a 7" device.

Klethron said,
This article is a bit late. Engadget reported on the 7" TouchPad on Sept 19th.

The photographs just appeared yesterday, and that's mainly what I wanted to report. I tried to explain exactly what it was, though, for readers who didn't know.

Not sure what HP are playing at to be honest.
I cant work out what they are doing from a business perspective.
I'm not sure they really know either.

Most Laptops don't have a num pad.
And at my PC at home, I have that MS Sidewinder Keyboard where you can attach the num pad to the left or right. I haven't attached it at all, because I hardly type any numbers at home.

Not to be a jerk, but I don't think this article was well thought out. For one, we've known for a long, long time that the Touchpad was going to have a "little brother" (called the Touchpad Go, I believe?). We've known about the specifications for a long time, and it's not really a surprise. Nor is the fact that a pre-production unit has found its way into someone's hands. But it's almost a certainty this will never see the light of day. Implying it has anything above a snowball's prayer in hell at being surviving and being released is misleading.

Also, I'm not really sure how having an excess supply of Touchpads would mean the Touchpad Go would be released. It wasn't in production at the same time.

The fact that this one has a rear facing camera is sure odd though.. that was one of the biggest complains of the hp touchpad.. so when would they have added a 5 megapixel camera on the back.. interesting..