The Vita TV has been rebranded the PlayStation TV for the U.S., priced at $99

While Microsoft was adamantly focused on delivering a press event with software, Sony debuted a new piece of hardware at its press event, the PlayStation TV. If it looks familiar, it’s because the PS TV is a rebranded Vita TV that hit Asian markets in 2013. The device still has the same features and will give users the ability to stream their PS4 games and media to another TV in their home.

While the PS4 streaming feature took center stage at the press event, the unit is a bit of a gaming Trojan horse. While it is being touted as an add-on for anyone that currently owns a PlayStation 4, the PS TV can equally function as its own gaming / media console. The PS TV will have access to hundreds of PS3, Vita, PS One, and PSP Classic titles that will be available for streaming or download. This is a huge library of classic and next generation titles that can cater to both, casual and hardcore gamers, looking for an inexpensive entertainment console.

Backed by a robust catalog, the PlayStation TV has the potential to catapult itself into millions of homes. The PlayStation TV will be available in 2014 for a price of $100.

Source: E3 | Image via Sony 

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This is a gem of a hardware for price and content availability - especially for those who have a budget and want something that happen to have "gaming" content but more for media first

Makes me curious as to why they released the Vita 2000 then. Why redesign it if you're just going to cut the price in half and make it more useful?

(edit) It's not the vita you hook to your tv :(

This is a vita but hooked to tv, I'm buying this.

Now if they took off the vita memory card slot (compared to the Japanese model) to play physical vita games... then going to skip.

Some of the better jrpg post PS2 / Xbox are handheld based... but I prefer tv format. Not being in glorious 1080 HD is perfectly fine for me. Gameplay > Graphics in most cases.

So its like an Apple TV but for gaming? So if we can stream games I wonder what the cost will be...per game, per hour, or one monthly price kind of like netflix? Also if it has bluetooth I am assuming PS3/PS4 controllers will be compatible?

Must know details

Sonne said,
So its like an Apple TV but for gaming? So if we can stream games I wonder what the cost will be...per game, per hour, or one monthly price kind of like netflix? Also if it has bluetooth I am assuming PS3/PS4 controllers will be compatible?

Must know details

If it's the same as the PS Vita TV from Japan (just black instead of white) then it's a PS Vita for your TV. It will be able to stream PS3 games via PlayStation Now. It will be able to stream PS4 games (if you own a PS4) via remote play. It will play PS1 and PSP games locally that have been re-released for Vita via the PlayStation Network. It will play PS Vita games directly (cartridges) or downloaded via the PlayStation Network. I don't believe it will support PS2 (I don't think the Vita has the hardware to emulate a PS2 and PlayStation Now will initially be PS3 only... though that may change)

The Vita, PS1 and PSP games are available now for the portable Vita and will be priced the same for this. Streaming from the PS4 is of course free over your LAN if you have a PS4 and I don't think the final pricing for PS Now for streamed PS3 games has been announced yet.

It has bluetooth and you HAVE to have a PS3 or PS4 controller to use it (there is no input without one). They are selling the $99 package without one for those who already have PS3/4 controllers lying around.

It's a pretty sweet deal for gamers and it should also stream video and such from Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. though they haven't been officially announced I don't believe. The one down side is the device is really just the PS Vita hardware without input and screen so it only supports 1080i/720p... no 1080p support. So if you don't care about gaming and just want a cheap video streaming device you're better off getting something else as most video-first devices support 1080p and are even starting to move toward 4k.

Asmodai said,

Cheers for all that does sound like a really sweet deal, shame about the lack of 1080p but at $99 with access to all that software its still a steal in my opinion and I am definitely getting one

I am Team Xbox but I would actually seriously consider getting this, especially if it has the PlayStation One game library available.

This is what Media Center should have been in the 2000s but Microsoft dropped the ball like always by 1) not releasing Media Center as a standalone program, and 2) overpricing the Media Center Extenders. They dropped the ball on tablets in the 2000s as well, but they're on their way to correcting that mistake. I hope the living room is next.

the problem is that google tv, apple tv, amazon tv, roku, boxy, chromecast, etc etc etc. this market is saturated. sony is simply too late.

the reason MSFT put all the tv stuff in the console was because they know nobody will buy yet another little brick. ok some will, but as google found out, even at 35 bucks the audience is limited.

dead.cell said,
It's a great price really, though I'd rather just buy the $139 bundle for what it offers. (controller, 8gb card...)

It is a good deal in terms of how much those things would cost you if you bought them separately but they're really the low end for what you CAN use. The bundle comes with a PS3 controller but the device supports a PS4 one... do you really want a PS3 controller? Also an 8gb card isn't that much storage and goes fast when downloading games. You might spend less money in the long run buying the $99 version and getting a PS4 controller and a larger memory card so you don't end up buying stuff you replace anyway.