This is Neowin's 50,000th news post

There comes a time and place when recognizing a milestone is a front page event, and we're happy to announce that this story represents Neowin’s 50,000th news post. This tremendous achievement has been made possible by a combination of many individuals and has been in the works for over a decade.

Neowin’s news writers are a great group of people with one thing in common: We all love technology and we love bringing it to you each morning, afternoon, and evening. It is with great pride that we can firmly say the front page is still growing and we have some great new features planned in the (very near) future.

During this time we have landed some great news and have had our fair share of follies, but our loyal readers have always kept us pushing forward and kept our news on the level. For that, we thank the readers, despite sometimes being a pain in the butt. If you didn’t complain, we would never improve.

Neowin has had many writers over the years hailing from around the globe. While being primarily made up of volunteer writers (we do have our first full time writer on staff now!), our geographical spread helps keep the content fresh around the clock.

It’s not an easy task to keep the front page up and running, but the logistics behind the scenes make it all possible. Our developers are among the best and again are made up of volunteers. If not for them and our awesome designers, the front page would not be where it is today.  

While the Internet has changed greatly over the years, our formula has not. We stand behind, “where unprofessional journalism looks better” because that’s what we are. We are a diverse group with many different backgrounds that do this for the love of the game.

While we move forward to the next 50,000 posts, we want to once again thank the readers. If it were not for you, we would not be here. Take a minute, sound off in the comments and give us a retweet or Like or +1 because as much as this is an achievement for us, it’s all because of you.

On behalf of the entire Neowin Team, past and present, we thank you.

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Whilst I have never registered here until recently, this has always been a great source of news. Congratulations on the monumental news post count, sincerely.

PS - What was Neowin's news article #1? I'm sure it had to be something to do with XP beta but I don't see it in the congratulatory article.

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement guys and I'm sorry I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to the site due to my consultancy work. I'm sure however this is the first milestone of many more to come and that the team will continue to drive the site from strength to strength. Well done!

I want to thank on the high quality content that continues to be dished out nonstop everyday, I still remember when I was a freshmen in highschool and my web design teacher asked me what website I was on and she got all excited and bookmarked after she saw me on it. I actually became a web designer for a living lol, and I still visit neowin every single day since then, I am now 23 years old. ^_^ I really hope one day something I make can become a post made on, it would be a true honor.

Ive only been reading here for about 4~5 years or so but I enjoy checking the site every so often. Keep it up!

gregalto said,
Well done guys, love the news and is it just me or has it really ramped up over the past month it two?

We've been streamlining a lot of our processes, and we have a full time staff member now. I'm glad you noticed. Thanks so much!

Despite being one of the annoying twats, neowin really is on reflection one of the best tech news sites out there with a great community!

n_K said,
Despite being one of the annoying twats, neowin really is on reflection one of the best tech news sites out there with a great community!

Thanks so much

50,000 news post and all we get is another post? not even a T-shirt?

LOL Grats Neowin. Heres hoping there are many many more

Over ten years its an average of 416 posts a month, not bad

Plus we lost 3 months of data in Aug 2003 and there's no news items before Aug 2001 because it wasn't saved in the db like it is now (we used to use a CGI news script by Noah Gray).

Neobond said,
In b4 other staff

Damn you Steve.

Quite an achievement we have here. I've only been posting here for a short time but the Neowin community is fantastic