This is the Lumia 830

Pictures often say more than words ever can and in the case of the Lumia 830, we have quite a few images to give you a fresh look at the device. The handset you see in the image above is of the Lumia 830 - despite others saying that this could be the Lumia 730, the documentation we have clearly states Lumia 830.

Unfortunately, the documentation does not have all of the specs of the device but you can clearly see a PureView-style camera setup on the back of the device and the writing on the lens housing does appear to say PureView.

We can take note of the specs visible in the images, such as microSD support, dedicated camera button and LED flash, and we have been told that the device supports NFC and wireless charging (although this may be supported as an add-on, rather than integrated), Additionally, the 830 will feature 4G LTE support and use a nanoSIM. 

​Based on where we obtained these images, it seems the device is quickly approaching release and should be announced in the near future; the phone will be part of a global release. As with all new Windows Phones, expect the Lumia 830 to ship with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 which includes support for folders.

Thanks for the tip Anon!

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Does anyone know if a replacement for the 920 is coming? I love my 920 but its almos been two years and I'm starting to get that upgrade fever.

I think this is it. The HTC One M8 or the Lumia 830.

I expect this to get a spec bump on AT&T to look like an upgrade for the 920. (think mini-lumia 1520)

I'm in the same boat as you. My 920 is starting to get buggy (the main microphone is flaky) and I'm in need of an upgrade. I'm leaning toward the HTC right now but really want to hold off until April 2015 if possible. I have a feeling that McLaren (or it's update) will launch with Windows Threshold.

The 930 is out but isn't on any NA carriers. The Lumia Icon on Verizon is almost identical to the 930 though. So I don't consider it a true replacement.

In September MS/Nokia are launching the 730 and 830. For their flagships it looks like they're waiting for 8.1 update 2 (aka 8.1 GDR2) as it adds supports for new resolutions and adds support for the Snapdragon 805 SoC. This update is expected around Oct/Nov so that's around when I'd expect a new flagship to be launched. With August almost over should be about 1-2 months away. Keep watching :)

I do like the look of the Sharp Aquos phone and how close to the phone's edge the screen gets. I also think it's cool that it doesn't have an ear piece per se, and that they use the whole front of the phone to make sound so you can put your ear anywhere.... but the low res of the screen puts me off. I guess it's a trade-off.

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