Three Call of Duty games in next two years?

Publishing giant Activision is planning to release three new Call of Duty games within the next two years, at least according to company blogger Dam Amrich who wrote on the Facebook page of the "Gamers Against Bobby Kotick and Activision" group, Eurogamer reports.

Despite being an Activision employee, Amrich begins by saying he doesn't agree with Activision decisions such as "the GH avalanche that hit us last year" and "the $15 price point for MW2 DLC". He then goes on to criticise Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, writing, "While I respect him as a businessman, I wish Bobby Kotick would not shoot from the hip so often."

Amrich then goes on to discuss the future of COD games. "As for COD, they've confirmed three games in the next two years," he wrote. "Seeing as how there is a pattern of one new COD game every year, this is one new COD game from one new developer, and in a different genre from the core games we've seen."

The discussion then switches to the recent departures of many of Infinity Ward's top people, including studio heads, Jason West and Vincent Zampella. Amrich does not believe this is a good idea.

"I [am] saying, 'Stick around and get what you're owed, and maybe more'. Vince and Jason had very large bonuses; those bonuses are being redistributed to everybody else, to the people who did not allegedly attempt to steal company secrets."

"Activision is not pocketing that bonus money; it's still going to the people who work at IW. But you have to work at IW to get it, see? :) I don't want to see talented people screwed out of a paycheck any more than you do," Amrich wrote.

The Activision blogger then attempts to explain the level of control the Santa-Monica based company has over its developers. "The way it works at Activision is pretty simple and decentralised. Activision foots the bill; the developers follow their muse... They have creative freedom."

"It is very much like ordering at a restaurant: The chef gives you a menu and says, 'These are the dishes I want to make you.' And you say 'Great, I'd like that one, but I have questions. How big are the portions? Are those ingredients in season? And can I have it without onions?' And the chef can answer those questions, but he makes the meal... He gets creative fulfillment AND paid. It happens every day and the game world is no exception; it's just higher stakes than, um, steaks."

 "So... What exactly is the downside of having creative freedom, career opportunity, AND financial reward for a job well done? Nobody's given me a good answer to that one yet."

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I played MW2 on PC and thought it was great, put off buying retail to see how the multiplayer server situation would play out, from what I understand it's a mess and I'm glad I passed. Anyone own it on PC or PS3 that would buy it again? aside from fanboys that is.

Until Respawn Entertainment lifts off, COD fans will be forced to stick with Activision's ever so dying (uniqueness, quality-wise, not popularity-wise) franchise.

@Chemaz: West and the other guy are still trying to gain custody of the COD name but I doubt they'll win. They should just start from scratch, after all, they are the masterminds behind the successful Modern Warfare franchise.

Three more nails in the coffin for the Call of Duty franchise in the next two years.
I wonder how many nails in the coffin is needed to make it really tight.

Despite the business dealings of Activision and Kotick, I've given up on the CoD franchise as of MW2. I still kick myself for caving in and buying it for the PC, none of my clanmates picked it up and there have been periods of a month or so where I never touched it because of the aimbots.

There are other games out that interest me more right now. L4D and L4D2 are on my radar again with the upcoming DLC and then there is always BFBC2 and it's addictive gameplay. There are a few others coming down the pipe that look good, plenty to keep me from Activision's pockets and the CoD franchise.

Anybody remember when Activision themselves made games? Now that they're a publisher, they've become incompetent.

Azies said,
Anybody remember when Activision themselves made games? Now that they're a publisher, they've become incompetent.

All they do now is b*** about stuff they haven't made

Well, I've worked in the games industry for 10 years now and these statements are indeed true. But in many cases, more often than not... the publisher puts it's oar in a lot more than they don't. Financial reasons of course. But that's life.

Hopefully this all gets resolved nicely and if Activision don't produce any more incredible COD games, maybe we'll get the equivalent from the guys who have been leaving in droves