Thunderbird 6.0 Beta 3

Thunderbird is a great email client from the same people who brought you the Firefox browser.

Thunderbird gives you IMAP/POP support, a built-in RSS reader, support for HTML mail, powerful quick search, saved search folders, advanced message filtering, message grouping, labels, return receipts, smart address book LDAP address completion, import tools, and the ability to manage multiple e-mail and newsgroup accounts.

  • Tabbed email
  • An Archive feature similar to the one in GMail
  • Lightning fast search
  • Smart folders


  • Support for Windows 7 Jump lists
  • Several fixes when importing email from Microsoft Outlook
  • Default mail client check now works with newer Linux distributions
  • Various other user interface fixes and improvements
  • ... and numerous other bug fixes

Download: Thunderbird 6.0 Beta 3 | 13.7 MB (Freeware)
View: Whats New | Thunderbird 6.0 Website

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This program is sad. The "all glass" default look on Windows is horrible. For the rest of the program, you could look at it and have trouble telling the difference between it and Netscape 2.0 from over a decade ago.

Newsgroup message size is still reported as "Lines" since the 1990s. Message threading still doesn't work right (thread order is forgotten, reversed, or little triangles appear in front of a single message, as if it were a collapsed thread).

A message compose box still includes like a dozen "TO:" fields, in case you want to send every single message to a hundred people in TO, CC, and BCC, with no way to turn that off.

Don't even try to understand the logic of skipping random version numbers. They sat on 3.x for years, then jumped straight to 5, and are bringing out 6 now. Again, it still mostly looks like Netscape 2.0 from the mid 1990s.

Doesn't anyone that works on Thunderbird care about how it LOOKS?

I don't even think they have anyone in charge of the UI, let alone functionality.

I'll be sticking to 3.1 until I find a worthy replacement. Because to me, it's a dying program.

RadishTM said,
I was using 3.1 until I stumbled upon aero3Default ( A godsend for getting rid of the "all glass" look on 5.0; makes TB usable again.

Hopefully said add-on will be updated for 6.0.

I actually logged in to say 'thanks!' for the heads up.
This looks a lot better. Also a very nice one seems to be the 'noglass' addon: .
Don't get me wrong, I love TB, but the 'glass is everywhere' look is overkill imho.

NyaR said,
or switch to outlook and get ****ed off.

Be constructive plz. Because there's nothing wrong with outlook, excepted the price.

Anthonyd said,

Be constructive plz. Because there's nothing wrong with outlook, excepted the price.

There is nothing wrong with US economy, excepted the debt.

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