Time-Limited giveaway YesShield sandboxes your PC

Keep your MBR unchanged when using YesShield—YesShield provides a very effective, protective and powerful solution to your PC/laptop to fight against unwanted changes or malicious activities. When your computer disk is in protection mode, all changes made to it will restore to the original state after a reboot. YesShield will provide the best security and solution to save your important files and folders to the real environment. Your important files and folders can be permanently kept and saved to the real environment with high flexibility under the protection of YesShield. This can make sure that your essential files can be kept even after a reboot.

YesShield Features:

  • Maintain a system which is malicious activity free.
  • Safe environment for testing software and game installations.
  • When sharing computers in a workplace or educational situation, protect your PC from unwanted changes.
  • Safely surf on the internet without unwanted traces.
  • Your system downtime is eliminated and costs are saving and your PC can be back to its initial state after reboot.
  • Enter the virtual system within a few clicks, no need to reboot.
  • Keep system MBR untouched and easy system restore after a reboot.

Vimxsoft is offering unlimited licenses of YesShield. This giveaway will run till Nov 4 so hurry up to get it for free!

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Deepfreeze is the same thing and it dosent get Flagged by AV Scanners. To say that the Heutistic of an AV kicks in is not true.... AV Scanners check allots more and beginns with the basic Software Signature - MD5 - SHA - Reputation - AV Signatures and more.....

Some Software devs. use outdated hooks and so its not malware but makes your PC unsafe. Thats the main reason why AV Kicked in. ^^

Best regards


flynempire said,
I just downloaded this and my NIS 2013 flagged it as malicious and removed it. Is this software safe or not?

This software hooks deep into your system, hence of course it will get seen as unsafe software, because all security software that works beyond blacklisted code (therefore, uses heuristics) can only check what the software does, not what its intent is.

I assume it's a safe product, but I never used it so I cannot vouch for it.